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The Perfect Leather Motorcycle Vest

If you’re looking for a motorcycle leather vest, please consider the following. There are many things to look for in a real motorcycle vest compared to leather vests for look or style only. Motorcycle leather vests have unique features designed for bikers. You of course want to shop style, leather quality and thickness, and pricing, but be sure to look a little more closely. When it’s hot, it’s hard to wear thick leather jackets, so motorcycle vests are very popular in the summer months for added protection while out on the road. But, in the winter, motorcycle vests can also be useful as an added layer of warmth that also adds an extra layer of protection. Read on to learn more about features unique to motorcycle vests, and why you need them.

1) Look for a quality leather motorcycle vest. The best leather motorcycle vests will be made out of cowhide or buffalo leather. A vest doesn’t need to be super thick leather but you probably will want at least a medium weight leather for protection. You will want to make sure that the vest is sewn well and includes a liner for added comfort. Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company offers multiple styles of leather motorcycle vests. Milwaukee leather vests are made from 1.2 to 1.3 mm thick cowhide leather. The leather used for the Milwaukee line is premium quality with a soft broken in feel. A great feature of every Milwaukee Leather vest is a comfort lining. The vests are stitched with a coated nylon thread and the hardware is nickel plated. The men’s Karson leather vest offers brass closures to go with the brown leather of the motorcycle vest.

2) Express yourself. If you’re looking to add patches, choose a motorcycle vest which has large or solid leather panels where you plan to place your patches. You’ll also what to consider color as vests come in both black and brown leather.

3) What features do you need? If you need extra storage, look for a vest with pockets, but be sure they offer closures like snaps or zips which will keep your stuff with you. These pocket closures also reduce the wind annoyances while you’re on the road. Do you prefer interior pockets? These can keep personal belongings a little more personal. Some motorcycle vests feature side lacing for style and adjustability. If you go to the trouble of finding a vest with lacing, first be sure it’s actually functional and not just for looks, and two, know there are two types of lacing. There is open lacing and web side lacing. Vests with open lacing mean the lacing connects two separate panels of leather where there is no leather or material underneath the laces. With open lacing, you’ll see either your skin, or your under clothing between the laces. Motorcycle vests that feature web side lacing are full leather vests with lace fit adjustments on the side. Here the leather stretches underneath the laces so nothing below your vest will show through. Most vests have either zippered or snap closures. Zippers are fast to get on and off, but snaps can offer a unique styling to the vest. Either way, ensure they are quality hardware so when you close up your vest, it stays there. All Milwaukee Leather motorcycle vests use premium YKK hardware for long lasting use and abuse. If you plan to add patches to your vest, look for larger panels of leather. Some vests offer unique detailing which adds seams and ribbing to the vest. Just be sure there is a solid piece of leather where you plan on applying your patches for best results. Distressed leather can add appeal to vests in both black or brown leather. This creates a more vintage or aged leather look.

4) Get the right size. Leather motorcycle vest sizing generally run in standard US sizes. i.e. if you wear a large motorcycle jacket, or even a large t-shirt. You will most likely want a large motorcycle vest. Be aware of the styling of the vest you’re looking at. If it is a style that has a large tapered look that might be broader at the shoulders and slimmer at the waist, check the measurements to be sure it fits properly at both locations on your body. Most size charts will allow you to measure yourself to see how the vest will fit.

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