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The No Surgery Facelift

Would you like to know how to look 30% younger? You can slow down and even reverse the signs of aging with this Nobel Prize winning secret. This does not require surgery or high priced dermatologists or any big expense. You will not need time off from work or any recovery period. This will reduce lines and wrinkles, add youthfulness and vitality to your face as well as reverse crows feet, redness and reverse age spots.

The basis for this miraculous secret is based on the study of “telomeres”, which are the timekeepers attached to your skins DNA. They work like this. As your skin cells divide, your telomeres get shorter. The shorter your telomeres, the more your skin cells age showing the ravages of time. But if you could maintain the length of your telomeres, your skin won’t show the signs of aging. Lengthening your telomeres can reduce the age of your skin by 30%. That means your face will age one-third less than your friends and co-workers, and you’ll get more compliments than ever.

Dr Alan Sears Md has been studying ways to extend our lifespan when he was made aware of this study. He has used this information to create Revive Repair cream that contains and extract that slows down skins aging and actually make your skin look 30% younger.

Here are some results of clinical trials of Revive: Of all those women involved in the trial here is what they saw. increase in the level of moisture in their skin: 100% significant improvement in sunspots: 100% decrease in redness and pore size: over 90% improvement in skin tone and elasticity: 75% roughness and fine lines faded noticeably: 75%

Part of the reason for that wonderful fullness in your skin when you were younger was the presence of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is the stuff that dermatologists use to inject into the skin to get rid of frown lines, smooth out the skin and even plump up the lips. It is so popular because it actually allows your skin to absorb and hold a lot more moisture. This is important because the more water your skin holds the more elasticity it has so the less dryness that leads to wrinkles.

Now you do not need to get this injected into your skin as it can be absorbed topically from Revive Cream.It also acts as a delivery system for all of the anti-aging ingredients in Revive and gets them deeply into your cells for a more youthful radiant skin.

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