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The Newest In Initial Jewelry

Everywhere you look there is someone wearing initial jewelry. Initial jewelry is seen gracing the necks of many stars, which is making it very popular. Most of the necklace pendants and charm bracelets have the initials of the person wearing them or the initials of someone they love.

Initial jewelry can be made unique to fit that person’s taste. Plastic initial jewelry is a great gift for a child and cheaper to buy. Initial pendants can be made with gold or silver, drenched in gems or diamonds, or made with a touch of bling. This variety is what makes initial jewelry so popular and unique.

Initial jewelry has also been seen on rings where the initial is engraved onto a flat surface of the ring, some even with jewels. This allows for a unique engraving of the initials to suit the individual. Toe rings and ankle bracelets can also be seen with initials.

Initial jewelry is also seen in the body jewelry line. The belly ring and tongue rings are the most commonly found body jewelry with initials. Most of the belly ring initial jewelry comes in a pendant style with many different designs, whereas the tongue ring is limited in its uniqueness.

Initial jewelry has expanded to include full initials and full names. The full name jewelry is more commonly seen with necklaces. The pendant may be larger depending on the initial or name choice. Finger rings are also being made with full initials and full names, but they much larger and usually fit over more than one finger.

Initials seem to be all the rage in fashion. You can find initial jewelry, as well as, other initial accessories, such as handbags, wallets, scarves, hats, and caps. Many Jewelry stores are offering special made initial jewelry, especially if you have a unique name and cannot find the piece you want. If you want to give someone a gift with a personal touch this holiday, consider initial or name jewelry.

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