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The Modernized Russian Fashion Trends

If you have seen how the fashion was in Russia during the old Soviet Union times, you would probably say it was very shocking because of its unattractive and bland styles. All those green and gray colors of dress and apparels only showed the country was in war.

But not today as the Russian fashion trend turned awesome and attractive, not only for the women of Russia but throughout the world as well. Now, the country has a brighter horizon in the field of fashion as the designers made use of the cotton and silk fabrics with shimmering accents.

Some designers have leaned towards the romantic side of life with styles and designs that literally seem like they are going to ooze from the body and just flow and beg to be seen. Much like you might expect at a Paris fashion show.

This past year we also saw a lot of designs that leaned towards manipulation to the fabric that focused on the accessorizing with dresses, blouses, coats and done in earthy tones of blues and browns. Knitted wear also seemed to be quite predominating in the various fashion shows with cashmere, cotton and wool being the fabrics most chosen to represent this style.

When it comes to elegance, Russian fashion is noticeable with its comfortable yet hippy style, with a little touch of adventure in each style. You will see how, even in semi loose clothes, that shows the curves and form of the woman wearing it but not too exposed, the sensuality is still there as she remained mysterious in the style of clothing. Such style made the Russian fashion really a world-class, especially now that their designs and styles are modernized.

If you have seen the Russian fashion trends as shown and displayed this year, you probably noticed how the designers were able to make styles that resemble the west coast punk of the United States with the chic of the east coast with a little touch of a corporate theme. The styles are mostly loose, flowing lines at the bottom, and earthy in colors. No wonder it gained the attraction of women throughout the world as such styles can fit well on any body type.

All in all it has been a rather unique and visually enriched year in Russian fashion and the trend shows every sign of continuing to turn heads into the year 2010 so there is a good chance that there will be many suprizes in store for the fashion buying public in Moscow and beyond with plenty of rich colors and flash to appease the modern woman and yet enough tradition to attract and excite the traditionalists and enough in between the two to keep everyone happy and ready to see the next big thing.

The trend used to be that the designers in Russia followed the rest of the world and pretty much copied the trends. Lately, it has been the designers in Russia that have been setting standards that the rest of the world has to strive to live up to and the consumer is the ultimate winner in that competition.

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