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The Many Different Types Of Perfume And Fragrances

The act of adding perfume and fragrances to our bodies has been going on for a long time. It is used to attract attention, or in some cases, to relax them. This is just some general information about the different types of perfumes, and where to buy them.

Most people think of perfume in those tiny glass bottles with the pump attached. This is an image that been in the minds of everyone for many years. The perfume has come a long way from the glass bottle. What was once a term used to mean female scent, perfume now can refer to any number of scented products.

Perfume geared towards the male is often called cologne. There are many fragrances available for a male. These scents are generally less floral in nature.

Perfume bottles aren’t the only place to find great scents anymore. Body sprays, lotions, and body washes now all come in an array of smells. They’re a casual, easy to carry alternative to the fancy perfume bottle.

Perfume scents are often divided into two or more categories. These categories are musk, and floral. Musk is a thicker scent. Floral is just what it sounds like. This division of smells is generally common knowledge among retailers of scents, and those who buy them regularly.

A lot of people are allergic to one or the other. Perfume in general is a common allergy. Strict guidelines are set in work places because of this. They are enforced. Gifting someone with perfumed products is not a good idea, especially if you’re not sure if they are allergic. A gift card is best in that situation.

You can find fragrances in almost any store these days. There are specialty shops for certain scents. These shops are considered brand name, and will cost you a bit more money. If you are looking for something in particular, you might try the Internet.

Some companies specialize in perfumes and scents only. These are the companies you want to look into. To buy a scent, it is a good idea to do it in person. That way you can touch the product, and smell it. There is nothing worse than buying a product online, only to find out that it is the wrong scent.

For those with a poor sense of smell, shopping in person is great. Sales persons at the store will be more than willing to help you pick a scent you like. You can also shop with a friend.

Pricing on perfumes and fragrances vary. Glass bottles of regular perfume can cost anywhere from ten dollars to forty-five. This will depend on the brand you are purchasing. The well known brands tend to cost the most. Regular bottles of body spray generally cost about ten dollars.

Now that you know a little more about perfume and fragrances, and where to buy them, you can have a great time choosing the smell that defines you most. Just remember to use it sparingly. Oh, and ladies; let’s not forget to buy some for the men in our lives.

Make sure that you leave your house always smelling sensational with the various perfume options you have. The different fragrances can say plenty about you so choose wisely.