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The Increasing Cost Of Petrol Won’t Stop Some People’s Love For Roadtrips

Gas prices have gone up recently. You might think this would keep everyone off of the road, regardless of what vehicle a person drives. This isn’t the case, some people travel just as much as ever.

One of these stalwart cyclists is Bill Olah. Mr Olah is a 62-year-old biker and property manager. He lives in Milford, Ct., and was on his Yamaha Stratoliner at the local CVS Pharmacy this June. He had gone out on his bike to run an errand.

Mr. Olah says that, while gas prices are higher, he still does find time and funds to ride for fun. He doesn’t ride much on weekdays because work makes it too hard to find time, but on weekends in good weather during summer he gets in about five hours per day.

Mr. Olah also has a Honda Accord. He says he has noticed the difference in gas mileage between the car and his motorcycle. The Yamaha was purchased around two years ago and cost $17,000.

The Honda averages 25 mpg, while the Stratoliner averages between 25-43 mpg, with the better mileage being highway mileage, Mr. Olah reports.

Gas prices are nothing to sneeze at in his area. In Connecticut, gas hovers at a high of $4.34 per gallon. If you are looking to save on gas, pennies can add up and eventually turn to dollars.

Mr. Olah reports that rising gas prices have not affected his riding habits. “It hasn’t influenced me, no,” Mr. Olah said about his motorcycle riding time.

Not everyone can afford pastimes like this one. But still it is nice to see that there are still some bikers who can afford to take out their bikes for a day of riding fun, despite gas prices being what they are. Mr. Olah lives the biker motto “Bike on.”

Just the same, it might be best to consider a credit card to be another key piece of biking equipment, after a helmet.

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