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The Importance Of Gold In Chinese Culture

All of us are well aware of the fact, that different parts of the world possess different kinds of cultures and each one is different from the other. Gold is a metal that has great significance in several cultures of the world. The Chinese are one of the oldest civilisations in the world. This is something that makes the Chinese culture relatively more complex than the rest of the cultures.

The Indian history is replete with stories and incidents, which explain how important gold was to the local people, religious pundits and the royal monarchs. Gold has also been an official currency in this region for a very long time. But, this was long before the currency notes were introduced; and, the exchange of gold coins was always done between the royal families since an ordinary man could hardly ever dream of owning even a single gold coin.

Gold was used in the architecture of palaces, castles and holy places of worship. Islamic calligraphy was also done in gold in the Muslim places of worship. Gold has amazing qualities, due to which it was used for artistic purposes. The Hindus made statues of gold of their gods and their goddesses, and worshipped them in their temples. People expressed their commitment and respect for their deities by donating gold bars.

Apart from the religious significance, gold has always been important in the art of jewellery making. India has the biggest consumption of gold for its jewellery making industry in the whole world. No occasion can be celebrated without wearing gold jewellery and exchanging gold presents. Be it the birth of a baby, an engagement ceremony, a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary, none of it can be celebrated without gold, in the form of wearing jewellery or giving gifts.

The fact that Chinese culture is a complex one also reveals that the golden colour has a sort of dual meaning and it is the mourning colour used by the Chinese Buddhists. Besides this fact, the fact still remains that gold is an important part of all the important festivals of the Chinese culture.

In China, gold is also used in dragons. Dragons have always been legendary figures of the Chinese civilization. They are perceived to stand for satisfaction, immortality and even fertility. These dragons reflect the beautiful craft as well as the respect that is given to them by the Chinese. These are decorated with fine material of gold and some silk hanging that indicates their significance in the Chinese culture.

The dragons are an important mythological symbol that is prevalent in the Chinese culture. Gold is also used in the making of these dragons. Gold colour is used in abundance and there are also other small pieces used on these dragons for decoration purposes. Embroidery is also done using special kind of thread that is gold plated for making these dragons as wall hangings.

This is because gold is something that never loses its value and gives its owners a sense of power and security.

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