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The Idea Behind Diabetic Shoes.

Diabetes is a chronic illness in which your body cannot process the sugar intake. Normally when you intake sugar, your system breaks the sugar into glucose, which then circulates around the body waiting to be absorbed by cells. In a diabetic person, this absorption by cells does not happen. The result is that blood sugar levels in the body become high. This leads to several complications. One of the complications experienced by a diabetic person is problem in their feet. Let’s take a closer look at how diabetes affects you feet.

Diabetes causes nerve damage in the extremities. This means areas such as your feet loose sensation as a result of diabetes. So, if you accidentally scratch your feet while walking, you won’t feel the problem because you cannot sense it.

If such small scratches are left unattended, they can lead to big ulcers, calluses and should these problems get worse your feet might have to be amputated. Problems in the feet usually arise because of wearing improper shoes. If you have diabetes, it is vital for you to understand that the usual kinds of shoes that you wear are not enough. You need to have Diabetic Shoes.

Diabetic Shoes are created with features that help in dealing with problems that occur, when a diabetic person applies pressure on their feet in doing their everyday tasks. These shoes have a wide base and they are also deep in order to give that extra comfort to the feet. This is a feature that you won’t find in regular shoes. When wearing Diabetic Shoes, there is no need to worry about any accidental injuries to the feet. With these shoes, your feet will be protected at all time. They also ensure to prevent any injuries from happening to your feet in the course of your normal everyday activities.

Diabetic Shoes come in two forms. One is the Custom Molded type and the other is the Depth Shoes type. The Custom Molded shoe type is custom-made to suit a person’s feet. It is shaped according to the shape and the curvature of a person’s feet.

This shoe includes inserts that can be either held or removed depending on the wearer’s convenience. They are made from leather and they include Velcro openings. Depth Shoes are different from Custom Molded because they are not designed specifically according to a person’s feet. They have a liner, which runs from the toe area of the shoe to the heel area, and their design enables them to give good comfort and protection for the feet. These shoes are also made out of Leather and have Velcro openings.

If you have diabetes, it is best for you to buy and also use only Diabetic shoes for your everyday routines. You can choose either a Custom Molded Shoes or a Depth Shoes, depending on what you feel is right for you. By wearing Diabetic shoes, you can be sure that your feet is protected from elements that can result in serious injuries.

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