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The Hidden Dangers Of Fiber

Without fiber in your diet, fat loss will be that much harder. Unfortunately, many people are confused about the best way to get fiber in their diet.

And the bad news here is that taking fiber the wrong way can end up doing more harm than good.

So here is what you probably don’t know about fiber:

1. You can get a bezoar: A bezoar is a hardened mass of fiber that gets stuck in your stomach. This usually happens when someone realizes they need more fiber in their diet and stocks up on endless fiber supplements.

2. There are two main types: There are two main types if fiber, each with its own unique benefits. Soluble fiber, one type, does a great job at reducing bad cholesterol. For maximum benefits, however, don’t focus on one type of fiber, get all of them.

3. Supplements can do more harm than good: In fact, some studies have shown that supplemental fiber can actually increase colon cancer risk. Although we don’t know why this happens, perhaps the lack of anti oxidants in the supplement causes the mutations that can lead to cancer.

4. At a certain point you get diminishing returns: At a certain level of intake, fiber does more harm than good. Keep in mind that too much fiber can leach nutrients out of your system. So increase fiber slowly and stay away from supplements.

5. You have to drink water: Even worse than a bezoar is getting an impaction. Although rare, they still happen, especially in the elderly. You see, if you don’t drink water and rapidly ramp up your fiber intake and get dehydrated, the fiber can solidify in your intestine.

6. Fiber from food will always be better than fiber from supplements: You see, supplemental fiber is processed fiber. And processed fiber is devoid of nutrients the same way that white bread is devoid of nutrients. So for optimal nutrition, get fiber from whole foods.

It’s essential to increase your intake of fiber for the best health gains and fat loss results. The key here is to take a prudent approach and get your fiber from natural sources!

Writer Katherine Crawford, an exercise physiologist and recent fat arms sufferer, teaches how to tone up arms. Unearth how to get sexy arms by visiting her blog with shake weight reviews now!