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The Gradually Evolving Style Of Chrome Hearts Jewelry

A essay on Chrome Hearts Jewelry intricate designs

For over a decade, Chrome Hearts jewelry has been much coveted by the jewelry design realm. As one of the forerunners of sterling silver gothic jewelry, Chrome Hearts jewelry has arguably risen above other competitors, going beyond even Gaboratory: the chain made by founding father of gothic silver jewelry Gabor Nagy. A testament to the successful attempts of its first-class designers, Chrome Hearts jewelry is at the moment probably the most popular, well-known and best-selling gothic sterling silver designer chain globally.

When sterling silver gothic jewelry first went into manufacturing, Chrome Hearts top designers made a decision to push the edginess of existing designs one step beyond. When contemporary masons were seeking merely to make better the shapes of the skulls on their skull rings, Chrome Hearts was making massive improvements in design.

Chrome Hearts jewelers were mounting impaled skulls onto crosses on Chrome Hearts skull rings and revolutionizing the mundane concept of skull rings altogether. By integrating the previously separate Skull ring designs and snake ring designs into a amalgamated, monumental product known as “Snake Through Eye of Skull Ring”. To date, this intricately carved item by Chrome Hearts is one of the most coveted rings Chrome Hearts jewelry boutiques have offered. Chrome Hearts jewelers successfully re-thought the skull ring and put Chrome Hearts Skull rings at the pinnacle of the gothic jewelry industry.

In addition to the skull ring, Chrome Hearts patented the notorious Chrome Hearts Fuck You Ring and Chrome Hearts Middle Finger Ring, which very few initially had the guts to don openly in public places, for fear of getting into fights. As time passed, as the gothic culture started to catch on, the Chrome Hearts Fuck You ring and Chrome Hearts jewelry as an entity became more and more popular and visible, in particular in the vicinity of the West Coast. Chrome Hearts jewelry found success by pushing the edginess, loudness and guts of sterling silver gothic jewelry to another plane altogether: by taking it beyond the realm of non-conformism to the region of obvious anarchy. Skull rings might have gone out of style had Chrome Hearts not added its creative plans into the plain skull ring with its host of new ideas, and the gothic silver jewelry world has Chrome Hearts to thank for that. The designer who re-thought the Chrome Hearts ring is frequently credited as Leonard Kamhout, the designer of Lone One Jewelry.

Chrome Hearts also made important changes to different varieties ofgothic sterling silver during the early 1990s. In the days when gothic sterling silver designs were few, chains and bracelets were miniscule and different from other bracelets only by their size; they tended to be larger than traditional bracelets for females. In addition, they amalgamated carvings of skulls with other usual gothic designs, which were slowly but surely becoming uninteresting for the lack of freshness and variation. Chrome Hearts jewelry designers made plans to revolutionize the concept of gothic silver bracelets and gothic silver chains altogether . By not making sterling silver gothic jewelry bracelets “larger” than usual silver bracelets, Chrome Hearts jewelry designer Stanley Guess intended to make Chrome Hearts bracelets gigantic in size; some Chrome Hearts bracelets were so chunky and gigantic they weighed in at two lb, serving as mini training weights when a few were donned together. Since carvings were going out of popularity, Chrome Hearts decided to emboss their Chrome Hearts bracelets (like their Chrome Hearts rings) rather than engrave designs into them. This made Chrome Hearts bracelets and chains eye catching, heavier and prouder than similar items sterling silver gothic jewelry you could discover in the marketplace.

These are only a couple of short examples of how Chrome Hearts jewelry redefined the gothic silver jewelry industry and pushed it to higher levels of ingenuity and innovation. In recent years however, the traditional blue-blooded gothic silver customers of Chrome Hearts jewelry are gradually abandoning the Chrome Hearts line, which is observing an influx of new, “people joining the bandwagon”, gothic silver followers with varying wants and needs. The Chrome Hearts jewelry clientele is slowly morphing, arguably for the worse.

How has Chrome Hearts Jewelry evolved?

The core of every design lines is its fans; the designers manning the production line, the masons who control the quality of rings and the designers who make novel, monumental designs. Some time after the new millennium, Chrome Hearts lost two of its best designers cum craftsmen: Chrome Hearts executive designer Stanley Guess and Chrome Hearts senior designer and manager Leonard Kamhout, who set up Guess Werks and Lone Ones jewelry studios respectively. Both men had departed because they were deeply unhappy by the changing ethics and beliefs at Chrome Hearts.

Chrome Hearts Jewelry had initially began as a small, tightly knit family of jewelers dedicated to their job. Every individual item of Chrome Hearts jewelry on sale had been painstakingly and crafted with much effort by diligent masons. Chrome Hearts jewelry included a team of masons who adored their job; designers who toiled for hours in small, stuffy production houses making silver artworks, loving every moment of it. At the time when demand for Chrome Hearts jewelry greatly increased, Richard Stark made a heart-wrenching decision to go retail and gave manufacturing to mass producing factories. Consequently, many founding Chrome Hearts jewelry creators such as Stanley Guess and Leonard Kamhout lost their production roles to robots, and were demoted to the uninteresting, stifling functions of managers and designers. Not willing to abandon their craft, Guess and Kamhout left to create their own lines: Lone Ones and Guess Werks, labels which a number of gothic silver customers name as the re-establishment of Chrome Hearts, since they epitomize the magnificence of Chrome Hearts jewelry as it was before mechanization.

Who are the new customers of Chrome Hearts jewelry?

Due to the departure of a number of founding blue blooded gothic silver customers who followed Chrome Hearts for its unique, edgy designs, current customers of Chrome Hearts made up largely of (1) staunch celebrity customers of Chrome Hearts jewelry who have strong relationships with founder Richard Stark, (2) well-off new fans who caught on subsequently to the popularity of Chrome Hearts jewelry, and are now struggling to follow the trends which have since fizzled and (3) wealthy brand chasers for whom the Chrome Hearts chainsserves just as a labels of extreme riches. Chrome Hearts jewelry no longer stands for for ingenuity and able expertise. Today, Chrome Hearts jewelry symbolizes exclusivity, wealth and social status, which technically isn’t undesirable at all. The new chartered course taken by Chrome Hearts jewelry has its ups and downs, pros and cons. While true gothic silver customers are moving towards smaller chains such as Tony Creed, Justin Davis, Guess Werks and Lone Ones which still manually produce their items, Chrome Hearts is obtaining a whole new circle of fans.

Why replicas, fakes and Chrome Hearts inspired jewelry is rising in popularity

In recent days, Chrome Hearts jewelry has faced challenges from several offshore competitors with the talent, resources & ability to deliver equally detailed, beautiful & well-crafted luxury gothic styled silver jewelry to bikers and other fans at a tiny fraction of Chrome Hearts jewelry prices. Today, fans of gothic sterling silver jewelry have easy and affordable access to an extensive range of alternatives to original Chrome Hearts jewelry. Gothic sterling silver jewelry fans are beginning to wise up to the reality of branding, which is truly nothing more than an imaginary concept. Brand is not something that customers can always be expected to pay for. Given the widespread availability of cheaper & just as attractive offerings, it is no wonder that designer label jewelry is not an uncommon sight on the streets despite the premium brand pricing of the original. The new and somewhat wiser sentiment is: why burn a hole in your pocket on designer label jewelry when one can get a materially identical piece made from the same best quality 925 sterling silver at a small fraction of the cost?

However, in choosing alternatives in the form of fakes or similarly styled inspired designs, it is important to understand & confirm the grade of jewelry you are buying. Chrome Hearts Jewelry competitors range from top grade alternatives & close replicas by real jewelers to mass-manufacturing bootleggers mass manufactured cheap bootlegs made from low-grade metals such as aluminium and copper.

Bill Wall Leather Jewelry And Its Illustrious Founder Bill Wall

A Comprehensive essay about the Bill Wall Leather culture, Bill Wall Leather Jewelry & its illustrious Founder Bill Wall. This essay takes the reader through the founding history of the Bill Wall Leather label label and its rapid rise to the top of the gothic sterling silver jewelry industry.

Bill Wall’s Early Life

Only a motorbiker can really comprehend what a biker wants to wear & look like. For Bill Wall, knowing what it meant, culturally and artistically to be a biker was really just intuitive. Prior to his foray into the world of design in 1985, Bill Wall had worked as a crew member on a fishing vessel, tried out freelance acting and construction. Following an unfortunate accident during which he broke his foot, Bill Wall was terminated from all his engagements & joined the ranks of the unemployed.

Tied down by his immobilizing injury, the restless home-bound Bill Wall began to tinker around with fabrics. He quickly obtained a machine, a store of scrap fabric & started stitching designs, the very first of which was a motorcycle. With budget being a major limitation, Bill was limited to purchasing small, unwieldy scrap fragments of cloth & leather, combine them over one another & sew designs over to disguise the faults; a technique which ultimately gave rise to a new style of jeans. A new concept born from the resilience of Bill Wall’s character. During this period , Bill Wall stumbled upon the lack of ergonomical and presentable biking gear in the market, & set out to create a fashion identity which bikers would be proud to adopt.

The Dawn of BWL

Having headed down the path of success, Bill Wall never looked back. Soon, Bill began collaborating with a close friend and client: the legendary founder of the gothic sterling silver craze Gabor Nagy, to develop the A-Z of riding apparel. Under the influence of Gabor Nagy, Bill Wall began his venture into the world of gothic sterling silver jewelry, which he explored with the help of Gabor. The collaboration ultimately led to Bill Wall creating his own line of biker jewelry known as Bill Wall Leather Jewelry or BWL Jewelry, which is frequently compared to the immensely popular Chrome Hearts jewelry label. However, Bill Wall jewelry remains unique and distinguishable.

Why replicas, fakes & Bill Wall Leather inspired jewelry is rising in popularity

In recent days, Bill Wall Leather jewelry has faced challenges in the form of numerous offshore competitors of equal capacity and talent, resources & ability to deliver equally intricate, stunning & well-crafted luxury gothic styled silver jewelry to bikers & other rock-culture lovers at a small fraction of Bill Wall Leather jewelry prices. Today, fans of gothic sterling silver jewelry are offered an extensive range of alternatives to original Bill Wall Leather jewelry. Gothic sterling silver jewelry fans are waking up to the reality of branding, which is actually nothing other than an imaginary concept. Brand is not something which customers can always be expected to bear the cost for. In view of the easy affordability of cheaper and just as attractive offerings, it is little surprise that designer label jewelry isn’t an uncommon sight on the streets despite the premium brand pricing of the original. The new and somewhat wiser sentiment is: why bust the bank on designer label jewelry when one could easily get a almost identical piece crafted from the same top grade 925 sterling silver at a miniscule fraction of the price?

However, in purchasing alternatives in the form of replicas or similarly styled inspired designs, it is critical to understand and confirm the quality of jewelry you are buying. Bill Wall Leather Jewelry competitors range from top quality alternatives & close replicas by real jewelers to mass-producing bootleggers who churn out cheap bootlegs made from cheap materials such as aluminium and copper.

For a thorough & comprehensive discussion of fakes & replicas, the writeup at the Chrome Hearts page will be very useful and informative.

The writer is a New York-based veteran jewelry craftsman with a full decade of expertise behind him. He specializes in both jewelry craft and fashion analysis. If you wish to learn everything you need to know about selecting best grade replicas made from real sterling silver jewelry, visit Gothic Jewelry