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The Facts on Cartilage Earrings and Cartilage Piercings

While earlobe piercings are still the majority of ear piercings done today, cartilage piercings have become even more popular by all sorts of individuals. Because of the popularity of cartilage piercings in the current times, a demand has been created for earrings that are specially created for the cartilage. These earrings are known as cartilage earrings.

Cartilage is made of connective tissue, a substance that is thicker and harder that earlobe tissue. There are four different kinds of cartilage piercings that are done today. These are conch piercings, orbital piercings, helix piercings and tragus piercings.

In a conch piercing, the cartilage in the center of the ear is pierced. In an orbital piercing the entry and exit piercing occurs in the samespot of the cartilage. In helix piercing, cartilage will be pierced twice, while in tragus piercing the area near to the face above the earlobe is pierced.

A professional should perform all body piercing, and any piercing of the cartilage should be manually done. A piercing gun should not be used for fear of shattering the cartilage and the possibility of scarring. After piercing the cartilage, and based on how thick the cartilage is, healing may take from four to twelve monthsbefore is completed.

The initial pair of cartilage earrings selected after cartilage piercing, should be carefully selected and should be a quality pair in gold or sterling silver, and it should be a pair the wearer would be comfortable wearing for up to twelve months. After the cartilage heals, the earrings can be changed. This type of earrings is made of titanium, white gold, yellow gold, surgical steel, and sterling silver. The types of earrings are hoops, captive beads, posts or studs, circular barbells, cuffs and industrial. There are many styles and they will range from punk symbols to more classic gem stones.

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