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The Endless Possibilities Of Nail Art Designs

Nails have almost become an accessory to some people. They are able to be changed at the drop of a hat and you don’t have to go to the salon to have it done. Some people prefer to create nail art designs on their own and this is easy to do. There are tons of polishes found in any color imaginable and little add-ons to provide flair to a freshly painted nail for any occasion or season.

Simply painting a nail is often too plain, but adding a flower to this same nail can make all the difference. The nail polish brush can be used for making small flowers on each nail; with one color for the petals and another for the center. Some glitter can be added to the background of the flower for a touch of sparkle, or directly to the middle for the flower’s center. You might need a friend to help paint the other hand if you aren’t ambidextrous. Salons will do this same feature for you for 5 to 10 dollars.

Adding some texture to nails is quick and easy, there are plenty of things around the house to provide texture with. Many people have fallen asleep and woken up with sheet imprints on their fingernails. This is the same idea, but it is intentionally done. A swirl technique is a very easy texture to make with just two paints. Place a bright color on the fingernail, then use a toothpick for the lighter color. Dip the toothpick in the cream or white color, drop dots onto the wet nail, then swirl both colors together.

There’s no sense in purchasing an airbrushing machine for yourself, unless you plan on using it an endless amount. It’s more efficient and cost effective to go to a salon to have designs airbrushed onto your fingernails.

Airbrushing on nails can be expensive if you decide to buy the machine on your own. It’s actually more beneficial to go to the salon and have some airbrushing done. This is a quick way to have a design sprayed directly onto the nail. Besides painting, there are little add-ons that make the nail even more attractive. Rhinestones, decals, and even piercings can be placed onto freshly painted nails. The rhinestones are attached with a type of glue that won’t eat the finger nail, not super glue.

Decals are adhered to the nail in two different ways; with water or by rubbing. For the water version, a decal is chosen and cut out of the paper. Once it is cut out, it is put on top of the fingernail and then the back is wetted.

The rubbed on version takes a bit more time to get it to transfer from the paper to the fingernail, but it will stay longer on the nail. Both look equally as nice as the other and are the perfect touch to a plain background.

Piercings on fingernails are placed at the tips of the nails, not through the entire finger. The hardest part about nail piercings is to remember they are in and to not get them tangled in hair or sweaters. Nail art designs can be changed for the season, the occasion, or just depending on what you are feeling that day. There’s no limit to what can be done with fingernails and all the fabulous accessories out there.

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