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The Difference Between Cologne and Perfume Explained

Perfumes and cologne triggers the strongest sense of humans, which is the sense of odor or smell.

One of the strongest fragrances that can be availed today is perfumes. You just need to spray it once, and you are done for the day. You smell good and feel good as well. Cologne, which is yet another odor, is however, weaker than perfumes. A misconception prevails that cologne is only for men, which is untrue.

Understanding Perfume

France has been the major source of perfume industry. Although the French werent the founder of perfumes, they have turned into one such industry that makes perfumes scientifically. It was the Egyptians who introduced the concept of perfumes, which was adapted by the French.

Perfumes werent long-lasting; they fade easily. However, modern science has now created different layers of French fragrances. With 3 layers now perfumes can be made to last longer than it did earlier. Each of these layers has a function that helps in keeping the fragrance alive, thus maintaining the scent. Also called notes, each of these layers has distinct scent that usually lasts long.

Apart fro the French perfumes, you can find many other brands of perfumes having great effects that last longer than you can think of. However, choose a brand according to your preference because it depends on the scent that you like.

Cologne ” What is it?

Cologne is much weaker than perfume. It contains a single-scent later, which is not as strong as a perfume. Cologne is not as bold as perfume in general, nor does it contain these 3 layers that enhance the scent of a perfume. Considered to be a mens product then, cologne is widely accepted as one of those mild fragrances that can as well have a long-lasting effect. Cologne is now available with uniquely designed spray applicator, but there are some brands that still offer cologne splash.

It you want a bold effect from cologne; you must over-apply the same to ensure a stronger effect. However, if you prefer a mild scent, cologne will be the best for you. It leaves a soothing and beautiful effect on everyone around you. But for people who want bold scent, applying too much of cologne can call for a disaster.

Fragrances are the best way to attract people. When you smell good, people are more frequently drawn towards you.

Besides cologne and perfumes there are certain other fragrance types too, such as Eau de toilette and Eau de perfume. All these fragrances have some different percentage of fragrances used and that is why the difference in names.

Choosing fragrances is definitely personal. Not all of us like the same scent. You must choose a brand that you think is good. The expensive ones need not be good always.

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