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The Deriving Factor Behind Gold Demand In The Year 2009?

Record investment has been observed by investors over the past few years as gold has retained its value. The value of gold has been redefined as the safest investment by investors even for those investors who have been trading in the stock markets around the globe. Gold investment has tripled over the past few years which makes many people think that the coming years belong to investing in gold. Besides its worth is on the increase, and many investors believe in it as an investment of consistency and reliability.

The prediction related to the rising price of gold was foreseen by many investors during the economical worldwide slump. On the other hand, it was expected that gold prices will gain immensely breaking all previous records throughout the year of 2009. During the year 2009 gold had reached a high of $1,300, which clearly indicates a profit margin of over 50% compared to all previous existing levels.

Gold has never achieved such a high status as it did with regard to the past nine years, thereby contributing to its ever increasing value, and, 2009 marked as the highest degree of its progress. The gain that it consumed was equal to as much as 77%. However, this is not the end. The future has better prospects and may rise to $2,000. Gold can be invested in any form and is accepted in any part of the world. This does not diminish any reduction of its beneficial share that people can easily attain upon its trade and investment.

Moreover, gold has been given due consideration as compared to other products because it has had a consistent level of progress in the trade market. Thus, it can be regarded as a secure possession. Not only investors, but common people also look upon it as a precious asset, as it has given them some hope of financial security.

The year 2009 has gone down in history as the highest profit record breaking year of all time. People who used their investment in stock markets and prize bonds did not gain much with their investments, in fact they faced a lot of crises. But, on the other hand gold was the only trading metal that did not lose its worth and it still continues to grow.

With regard to the turmoil that concerns global economy as well as oil, the dollar to had collapsed, while at the same time, gold as served to emerge as a distinct commodity with ever increasing value. It has been durable enough to have a strong shield against the subversive affect of the US dollar fluctuation. It has augmented to such a height now, that most analysts predict that, even if the dollar now stabilizes, gold would not suffer at any cost.

The fact remains that gold has reached a high as $10,000 every ounce and therefore, the strength of its demand is not likely to weaken at any time soon. All the interest from the investors, bankers, share holders, stock market people contributed to the immense progress of gold in 2009. Also, people who earlier purchased the green paper money started switching to the purchase of gold and as its preservation for them it was justified, to hope for favourable future prospects. This too, contributed to the increase of gold price in 2009.

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