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The Cold Sore Cure Explained!

While cold sores are a pretty common complaint, knowing this isn’t going to make too many people feel better about having this unattractive, uncomfortable condition. Even if you happen to suffer from cold sores, you can cut down on the length of time it sticks around; and you may even be able to prevent one form happening in the first place.

On its own, it usually takes eight to ten days for a cold sore to heal without any intervention from you. That’s longer than most people want to wait, especially because cold sores have bad timing – it seems you always get one right before a major event! To reduce the healing time, there are a few tips and tricks you can use. However, one of the biggest helps is understanding how a cold sore works.

You can’t cure this condition. It’s caused by a viral infection caused herpes simplex that sets up housekeeping inside your body. If you’ve noticed that you mostly get cold sores in the same spot, it’s because the virus is concentrated there. Since antibiotics don’t work on viruses, all we can do is treat the symptoms and encourage our bodies to heal more quickly.

You can prevent outbreaks even though you can’t actually get rid of the virus. Outbreaks can be healed quickly; sometimes as fast as 24 hours. We started this website in order to help people treat and prevent cold sores – we know what a hassle they can be.

About 40 million people have an outbreak of cold sores every year. These sores appear on or around the mouth; while there are several things which can contribute to an outbreak, it basically comes down to a weakened immune system. If you have stress, fatigue, poor diet or a cold; this can increase your odds of having a breakout.

Cold sores start with feelings of itching or tingling. Then the area will redden and swell, resulting in the eruption of the sore itself. The sore usually goes through an oozing stage, then dries up and forms a thin scab. Of course, if you bite the sore, break through it, or are prone to scratching, you could do more damage and cause it to take longer to heal.

Most people would rather not have to use prescription medications for their cold sores. They’re costly and in many cases are no more effective than are non-prescription remedies; and of course, they require a trip to your physician. There are some home remedies which can make a cold sore’s stay a much shorter one.

A cold sore can be kept at bay with vitamin C, which is very helpful in strengthening your immune response. Aloe vera gel and lip balm can help keep your cold sore from splitting and L-Lysine can be used to promote rapid healing.

Generally speaking, you can help prevent cold sores by staying in good health, eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of sleep. If you have been ill or overworked, a cold sore could be on its way. Treat yourself well and you can keep these sores from coming up in the first place.

It’s an effective cold sore cure that anyone can use to eliminate cold sores from your life!