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The Clothing Item Of Choice Is A T-Shirt

If you said that you knew somebody that doesn’t own at least one t-shirt, I would call you a liar. Everybody owns at least one and most people have a dresser or closet full of t-shirts. I am sure that many of these t-shirts are so old and comfortable and well worn that the owners don’t even remember where or when they got them. I have plenty of shirts that I couldn’t tell you where I got them; I just know that I love them.

People wear t-shirts all the time, just about anywhere they go except for maybe work or a wedding. And if given the choice, I bet most people would wear them even there if they could. The point is that everybody loves t-shirts and everybody wears them. That is why t-shirts are a great way to advertise or express yourself.

I see a t-shirt almost every day that makes me laugh or reminds me of a product that I need or want. T-shirts are cheap, inexpensive and easy to handle. They don’t take up a lot of room and can be handed out and are an instant advertising agent. Nobody says no to a free t-shirt and many people buy t-shirts just so that they can advertise a product or service that they like.

A band t-shirt or a funny little movie line or a popular race car or movie are all put on t-shirts everyday. Shouldn’t your workforce be wearing them, advertising as they move around town doing their jobs? When you hand out t-shirts or use them to advertise, more people see them everyday than would see them if you bought air time on a local radio or television station. And what is even better is that it continues to advertise long after the initial investment. People don’t throw t-shirts away; they wash them and wear them again. So you get consistent and repetitive advertising for no more than a couple of bucks.

You can place anything on your t-shirts, as there are no limitations or rules. You can place your company logo, phone number or slogan, on a t-shirt, or anything else that you would like to advertise to the public. You can purchase t-shirts in all sizes and colors, and their is no quantity limits on your purchase. T-shirts may be a small investment, but they will bring your business a large return.

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