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The Biker Lowdown Radio Show and American Biker X

I have felt and been a part of Biker Brotherhood almost all of my life. Growing up around My Father (Freelance Author on the Biker Lifestyle Pappy) and my Uncle Trey, I was taught what Biker Brotherhood was about from a very young age. As I grew up I heard many stories about the fun had at Parties, Runs and Rallies.

I also heard about protests (Mostly Helmet) I heard how Bikers were the last of the true Americans. I was taught Bikers believe in Freedom and are willing to fight for it at all costs! As I got older I attended many events and I rode allot.

I became active in Motorcycle Rights groups (mostly ABATE of NY) and I did my part to protect and promote the Biker Lifestyle, I wrote many articles in Biker Magazines and I DJed and MCed many Bike events helping to spread the word of Biker Rights.

In March of 2005 I became a Member of the Mortal Skulls MC and not long after I felt what it meant to be a part of a Motorcycle Club Brotherhood. I also got to know and learn from many members of other MC’s. The more I learned and the better I got to know these Men (the world referred to as 1%ers and Outlaws) the more I realized most of these people were the best people in the world, These are the Men who made and continue to make America great! I had heard many negative things about Motorcycle Clubs over the years and the more I was grew apart of the MC life the more I realized something needed to be done.

So my focus shifted from covering parties in Magazines to writing about true Biker Brotherhood. I realized one of the things negatively effecting the Motorcycle World is no one was teaching the younger generation of Motorcycle riders what it really means to be a Biker. The rules and codes of the road where all being lost, TV Show and Docudramas where teaching a Biker History that had no basis in reality. To this day I continue look up and write down as much truth of the history of Motorcycles and the Motorcycle Club world as I can.

I was getting the word out but I wanted a way to be able to speak to Bikers so they could hear my words and feel them expressed as they came from my heart! I knew I wanted to do some kind of Biker Talk Radio Show to help get the message out there. Every radio station I spoke with was either not interested or wanted some huge amount of money up front .

One day I learned about internet Radio! I learned I could do a live show that could be heard world wide on every computer and also all the shows would be archived so they could be heard anytime from the beginning just by clicking on them. I soon started a weekly show about a half hour long each Wednesday coming up with the name “The Biker Lowdown” The show started with just me talking to people about different things going on in the Motorcycle World.

Not long after the show started I was getting weekly calls from this Guy Chuck who called himself the Alpha Biker, Checking his webpage out I quickly learned both me and Chuck were cut from the same cloth and He became the Co-host of the Biker Lowdown.

Soon after thanks to the on air Chemistry and the great radio banter between me and Chuck the show started taking off. My good friend Bjorn took over as the online webmaster creating a webpage all could be proud of.

Hammerin Hank soon joined the Biker Lowdown clan as our Research Reporter. Things just kept getting better for the show.We started getting many great guests and even a few really big names of the Motorcycle world.

When Brenda Fox came on the show one night for an interview to talk about the world of Women’s Motorcycling, some where about five Minutes into the interview We all just knew We had a new member of the Biker Lowdown Family! I look forward to seeing what the Future brings for the Biker Lowdown Radio Show,

But for now I am Your Bro LJ James and I will see you on the Road!!!

LJ does a online Motorcycle Show each Wednesday LJ likes to help show the facts about the Biker World and programs like Sons of Anarchy Get a totally unique version of this article from our article submission service