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The Best Category Of Flat Iron For Silky, Shiny Hair

Countless girls with naturally curly or wavy hair have tried a million diverse methods to get the stick straight and sleek smooth hair that is so in style these days. The old saying about how the curly girls want straight hair and the straight hair girls want the curls is accurate but what would be best is to have the best of both worlds, curly or straight, depending on your mood.

Straight iron technology has enhanced significantly in the last few years. It may be that just the older women reminisce the days of using a clothes iron on their hair, or utilizing huge hot rollers to try to smooth down their hair, but there was a moment in time when these were the only methods. Those days are now over because now there are many fantastic flat irons out there.

You can unearth flat irons in all price ranges from the exceptionally inexpensive at your area department store to the exceedingly expensive top of the line models. But as you may have discovered with flat irons you almost certainly need to spend more in order to get the lustrous, shiny hair that you are looking for. The inexpensive irons can essentially injure your hair and cause it be dry and look frizzy.

Flat irons come in three major kinds. There is the traditional flat iron with plates made of steel or aluminum and then there are flat irons with ceramic or tourmaline coatings on the plates. The more inexpensive flat irons are the conventional type that is just steel or aluminum.

Ceramic and tourmaline flat irons are greatly better to the conventional flat irons. A conventional flat iron will often damage your hair and make it look dehydrated and frizzed. You can get the sleek look that you want from a ceramic or tourmaline flat iron because it provides a negative ionic charge.

This is significant because hair naturally has a positive ionic charge. This makes it look lackluster and it makes it dry and unhealthy. A negative ionic charge will defuse the positive charge, which in turn will smooth out the hair shaft and seal the cuticle, which will make your hair appear flat, glossy and shiny.

You can also obtain hybrid flat irons that utilize both technologies of ceramic and tourmaline coatings on the plates. These are usually the most pricey but they are the top of the line and hopefully they will last for a long time.

If you choose the superior technology of ceramic or tourmaline coatings on the plates, you will end up spending more cash on your flat iron than if you pick the conventional kind of just steel or aluminum, though, if sleek, shiny and healthy hair is the look that you covet the further fee will be worth it.

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