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The Benefits of Professional Salon Hair Care Products…

Looking after your hair is a top priority if you pride yourself on having clean and healthy looking hair, and using quality hair care products (i.e. shampoo and conditioner) is a must. However, when it comes to getting the best value for money should you buy professional salon hair care products, or would cheap high street hair care products be just as good?

High street products seem much more affordable and therefore giving you better value for money because of the low cost of high street hair products. Branded premium salon products can appear pricey with the average 300ml shampoo bottle priced at 5 times the cost ($20/GBP10) of a regular high street shampoo ($4/GBP2).

Comparing these prices it seems as if the high street products are better value at about a fifth of the price of salon professional hair care products, giving the impression that they are much better value for money, because you would be getting 5 times the amount of product as you would compared with professional salon hair products.

But when you look into this further, and take into consideration the quality and the effectiveness of the different hair care products, do the figures actually stack up in favour of the cheaper products, or are cheap high street hair care products a false economy? Let?s find out?

To find out whether the premium brand salon hair products provide better value for money in both the short and long term when compared to cheap high street hair care products, we decided to test them to find out the real truth about hair products, and whether the high street products are as good a deal as they initially appear.

We tested a 300ml bottle of shampoo from the high street and a 300ml salon professional shampoo. With the high street product a 50ml application is standard to clean hair where with the professional product a 10ml application was all that was required to clean the hair to the same standard.

Needing 50ml per application, a 300ml bottle of cheap high street shampoo would give you about 6 applications. But using only 10ml per application, the professional hair care shampoo gives you approximately 30 applications in a 300ml bottle. Comparing the prices, the price per application of the professional salon shampoo is $0.66c/GBP0.33p per application, and the cheap average high street shampoo worked out at $0.64c/GBP0.32p per application.

Result: although the high street shampoo appears to be better value, in truth there is very little difference in cost compared to the professional hair shampoo. The professional shampoo is of much higher quality and more effective in cleaning your hair. Buying cheap high street hair shampoo is a false economy. Q? Why would you want to use an inferior product on your hair?

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