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Fix your bad hair day with a stylish hat

Hats are hot fashion accessories. Justin Timberlake, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Lindsay Lohan and Sienna Miller have helped set some trends for the hottest hat and cap styles for this fall and winter. From Fedoras, to Caps, to the Cloche and Cocktail Hats and Feathers, hats area hot look and accessory. Justin Timberlake sports the Fedora and other hats in his video “Like I Love You”, Angelina Jolie brings back the Cloche in her movie “The Changeling” and cocktails hats and feather are revived in the movie”Sex and the City”. Check out the best hat styles and looks for the fall and winter 2008 and 2009.

Do you have natural curly kinky afro african hair? Then you need to protect your hair during winter with hats & spruce up with neck scarves… Always wear satin net, cap or scarf under hat to avoid breakage.

Be a little charismatic swave person and impress your friends with this little hat trick. This is a very stylish way of putting on an hat and also a pretty cool dance move.

Everyone knows that david is like the most stylish person on the plantet. this is a little tiny portion of his amazing outfits including his pants, sneakers, shirts, jackets, glasses, hats, scarves and more. sorry if it’s bad, this was my first time making these things.

This short clip features Adam Baldwin discussing the knit Jayne hats, and the character Jayne Cobb from Joss Whedon’s Firefly and Serenity. Also includes an interview with yours truly, Jayne hat knitter extraordinaire.

A selection of hats taken from an Eatons catalogue of 1920. Several eatons catalogues from the early twentieth century full of fashion, toys, household items

Fashion Week Day 4 – Kanye West and hats, hats, hats! What is the situation with your head? LOL The BlahGirls at fashion week live from NYC, and the girls are getting all high fashion!! Those hats look a little like marshmallows.

Here is a nice video with Johnny Depp- You Can Leave Your Hat On. Everyone knows how Johnny fancies his hats so I enjoy the catchy video to this song.