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Ten Steps to Reduce Bruising, Step 1 – The Primary Bruising Cause!

If you are a person who is interested in learning how to cause the bruises that have been appearing much more recently disappear and how to reduce easy bruising from occurring at all, you are going to have to determine why they appear in the first place. There are a wide variety of people who have discovered that they are bruising more and more frequently, and their emotions might range anywhere from simple irritation to near panic. For our own sense of well being, we must be certain that we are understand the most common bruising causes.

To begin with, we need to consider the fact that there are a variety of natural causes for bruising easily. When some people see a bruise, they often nervously wonder about serious issues, like blood problems or cancer, but in the majority of most situations, there is really nothing to worry about. Even if they are a bit unattractive, bruises have normal causes for their being present.

When you want to educate yourself on what happens with bruises, think about what bruises really are. A bruise occurs when the blood vessels under your skin break under pressure or shock and your skin does not. The blood from the blood vessels will pool underneath the skin and give your bruise its coloring.

Keeping this in mind, you are probably wondering why you are bruising so much more frequently. There is a two-fold reason for this more frequent bruising. The first part of the reason that you are subject to bruising more easily is the fact that your skin has lost a large amount of its elasticity thanks to collagen breaking down quicker. That means that your skin can not protect your blood vessels as well as it once could.

Collagen is a substance that is found abundantly in young skin that gives it resilience when you touch it, and it makes your skin firmer to the touch, and it keeps your skin from wrinkling. As you age, the primary cause of wrinkles forming is the breakdown of collagen in your skin. A lot of people are aware that wrinkle formation is the result of the collagen in your body breaking down, but bruises are also facilitated by this breakdown of collagen.

The second prospective to be considered if you want to prevent bruising is that collagen is being manufactured in much smaller quantities and at a longer frequency than it once was. This is a normal function found in aging people, and even though it is generally not harmful, it can cause some impressive bruises to appear.

When you are evaluating these bruising causes, a few revelations may occur to you. The first revelation is that you really are observing more frequent bruising, and not just becoming more observant to bruising. After all, you haven’t just become a klutz because you’re getting older. The real truth is that your body is simply reacting differently than how it used to behave in the past.

You should recognize that there are a number of ways to treat your condition of bruising easily. You are one person in a group of many in your age group whose bodies are readjusting to new conditions, and most of these people are also experiencing the same conditions that you are now facing.

Now that you know about the one of the primary causes of bruising, make sure that you can find a means to overcome easy bruising as well. A daily supplement program like Bruises Be Banned can be just the right answer to help you prevent bruising easily.

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