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Taking Out Hard To Remove Contacts

Purchasing a contacts lens plunger can prove to be useful if you happen to wear 2 clear premium contact lenses and they get stuck and you need assistance removing them. One contact lens plunger that is effective is the DMV original plunger for hard contacts. IT will help you remove hard contact lenses quickly and easily. To use it, just moisten the plunger’s cup and carefully place in on top of the contact lens to remove it. The suction cup will attach itself to the hard contact lens so that you will be able to remove it from your eye safely and easily.

In most cases, a stuck lens is generally difficult to remove if you’re unable to grip it with your fingers which will only get more difficult to do as your eyes start tearing up. Also, keep in mind that attempting to remove the lens with your fingers when it is stuck can cause damage to either your eye, the lens, or both. Using a lens plunger will be a valuable resource for you if you run into this problem.

The DMV original hard contact lens plunger is only made to be used with hard contact lenses.

If your soft lenses should become stuck you will have to use your fingers. However, the malleable nature of soft lenses means that you should be able to shift the lens on your eye, allowing you to find purchase and remove the lens. Your eyelid will naturally want to shut, so you may want to hold your eyelid away from eye. This is especially important if your eye is becoming irritated from the attempts.

When removing either soft or hard contact lenses, it’s best to use a good lubricant first to make things easier. Dry eyes are more often than not the cause of removal problems, particularly if you have had the lenses in for an extended period of time. Something as simple as using eye drops before removal can make the whole procedure much easier and more comfortable.

Many people are apprehensive that contact lenses can slip behind the eye, which can make removal much more difficult. Panicking will only complicate things, increasing the likelihood of injury.

You don’t have to worry about the lens ending up behind your eye, because it can’t happen.

If you are experiencing a great deal of discomfort and have difficulty removing the contact lens, try adding eye drops to your eyes until you are with a professional that can help you. Even if you have to wait until the next day and have to keep the lens in overnight, don’t worry, your eyes will be okay. If you want to keep your lens from drying out remember to keep them well lubricated.

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