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Take A Fresh Look At Nightstand Furniture

All too often, we don’t give a second thought to nightstand furniture. When we buy a bedroom suite, it just comes with it and we accept what we are offered. These pieces of furniture can serve so many purposes, though, that they deserve much more attention than they are usually given.

Typically, a nightstand is a simple table that is low enough to hold a table lamp and is easy to reach from the bed. Often, they only have a single drawer into which we throw a paperback book for reading before we go to sleep. The big empty space below the drawer usually holds nothing but dust.

There is no reason to settle for such a nearly useless bedside table when there are so many designs to choose from. There is no rule that says that a bedside table must be solely for a small table lamp and maybe an alarm clock. Why not opt for something that you can really use and that will be a pleasure to look at. With the vast array of styles that are available today, you will surely be able to find the perfect nightstand for you, even if you stick with the standard sizes.

If you are short on storage space in your bedroom, a pair of larger nightstands with drawers can double as storage for underwear, pajamas and other small items of clothing, leaving room in your larger chest of drawers for other things. This eliminates a lot of the clutter that accumulates and makes these items more easily accessible.

Do you like to listen to music before you nod off to sleep. You can buy nightstands that are designed to hold compact disc players and dozens of CDs. Everything is there for you. You can run the speaker wires out the back of the cabinet and have a speaker on each side of the bed for the perfect listening experience.

When you’re looking at bedside tables, you don’t have to get the standard sizes, either. If you have the space, you can get robust sizes of tables that can really serve you well. If you are lacking in extra length in your room, why not buy a pair of tall, narrow units and place them on either side of the bed. There are some exquisitely carved imitation antiques that could easily transform your bedroom from an ordinary room into something extraordinary. Between the two of them, you could store a good portion of your library behind the elaborately carved doors and have quick and easy access to your favorite books.

Why not take advantage of the space next to your bed to indulge in furniture that is round or otherwise unusually shaped? When you look online, you will find dozens of tables to choose from. You can get just about anything from modern glass and metal round night stands to sleek cherry veneer Danish style tables.

Next time you are thinking about redecorating options for your bedroom, give extra thought to nightstand furniture. Little touches like that make all the difference to your room’s decor.

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