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Syn-ake Increases Life Of Botox Injections Nearly Two-Fold

The life experiences of people are reflected in their faces as they get older. Many people do not feel comfortable with aging and these wrinkles represent old age taking hold of their bodies. As a consequence, these people look for a way to make the wrinkles less visible and for a way to prevent new wrinkles from forming. Not too many options existed before Pentapharm invented Syn-ake.

Syn-ake And A Revered Viper

Syn-ake is a synthetic peptide that imitates a part of the Temple Viper’s venom called Waglerin-1. Waglerin-1 is responsible for paralyzing the Temple Viper’s prey. The Temple Viper is a snake related to the Rattlesnake and is native to southeast Asia. It is revered by the people and a cult has grown up around these snakes over the last 100 years. Many of these snakes live at the Snake Temple on Penang in Malaysia. In the 19th century, Dr. Johann Georg Wagler studied and wrote about this snake. The Waglerin-1 in the venom is named after Dr. Wagler.

How It Works

The idea behind this product was derived from the Temple Viper and the way its victims are paralyzed. Pentapharm created a synthetic, harmless, peptide that relaxed the facial muscles and prevented contractions. Wrinkles are not as visible and are not likely to get worse if the facial muscles cannot move. The product also increases the rate that skin renews itself on a cellular level and stimulates the production of collagen.

Positive Research Findings

Research into the effectiveness of this product revealed that it actually decreases the wrinkles in the forehead by an astounding 52% after using it twice a day for 28 days. The studies also showed that a mere 1/2 millimeter of the product reduced muscle contractions by 82% in two hours. Seventy-three percent of the research volunteers showed improvement in their skin. This product does work and has the research to prove it.

High-End Cosmetics Companies Hide Results

Other top-end cosmetic companies have wrinkle-reducing creams and lotions. Interestingly, only two of these companies willingly provide the percent decrease of wrinkles that the research shows. One of these companies showed a 44% reduction in wrinkles and another company showed a 36% reduction in wrinkles. Virtually none of the other high-end brand companies were willing to release their data to the public.

Moisturizing And Anti-Aging Cream

Syn-ake is an ingredient in an anti-aging cream created by the makers of Syn-ake. In the cream, the synthetic peptide works to relax the facial muscles, smooths the skin and creates a younger-looking person with soft, supple skin and a glowing complexion. Botox users can almost double the length of time their injections last by using this anti-aging cream.

Human, Animal And Earth-Friendly

Syn-ake is a topical product that is rubbed into facial skin twice a day, morning and night. Botox, on the other hand, must be injected straight into the muscle. This is painful. This product has not been tested on animals, is totally safe for humans and is earth-friendly. It is easy on your face and the world around you.

For people who want to reduce the look of the wrinkles, or even prevent them, Syn-ake is the way to do this without painful injections or costly plastic surgery. Syn-ake products are available at better cosmetic counters and online.

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