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Sylvania 6842PE 42 (o-o, Price: £90)

From the Manufacturer Sylvanias 6842PF is a 42-inch widescreen (169) gas-plasma display compatible with progressive-scan and high-definition signals up to 1080i. This unit offers incredibly vivid high-contrast images and is the ultimate addition to any home theater. Perfect for movies and other programs formatted for 169 aspect-ratio screens the monitors Hd component-video inputs accept full 720p and 1080i Hdtv signals from set-top boxes and Dtv receivers which are sold separately. One of the main benefits of a plasma screen is the vivid and brilliant color display of over 16 million colors. Additionally the 6842PF boasts extremely wide viewing angles (compared to most Lcd screens and easy placement due to its slim profile of less than 5 inches of depth. And like all plasma displays the 6842PF is immune to the distortion and negative color balances one may encounter when using a conventional Crt television near flourescent lighting or speaker systems.