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Say Sweet Sixteen With 5 Styles Of Gold Charms

Turning sixteen is important for all girls as it is the first step in the transition from a child to a young woman. Celebrating this day with gifts of gold charms and beautiful charm bracelets is a wonderful idea that the whole family can become involved in. Not all gold charms and bracelets are going to be traditional as there are very modern options in designs and charms as well.

Gold charm bracelets that celebrate the Sweet 16 birthday event wouldn’t be complete without the following five different styles of gold charms.

Special Day In Life For funky fonts and lots of great flash and dazzle consider gold charms that include the words “Sweet 16” as the major theme of the charm or the actual charm itself. These charms are stylish and fun, sure to remind the girl about this very special day in her life.

Opening New Doors Keys are always a symbol of changes, new opportunities and new beginnings. Gold charms of key can be ornate and stylish or very elegant and simple, perfect for representing a change in the future as the young lady moves into her late teens and beyond.

Disc Charms It is hard to imagine a Sweet 16 collection of gold charms without a disc style of personalized charm. These charms are flat and round in shape, providing a lot of area for the engraving of a very personal message. Moms and Dads or other family members really love these styles of gold charms.

Memories Of This Birthday Birthday cakes, birthday hats, presents and even birthday balloons on gold charms are all perfect to enhance the whole theme of the bracelet. Of course you can also get little replica gold charms of gifts you are giving her as well.

Hearts And Messages Heart shaped gold charms are a wonderful way to express your love for your daughter, sister or friend on her sixteenth birthday. Like disc charms many of the various heart shaped charms can be engraved with just the personal message you want to convey.

Since Sweet 16 parties only come around once in a lifetime so finding the perfect gold charms for the occasion is important. Staying with the five gold charms listed above will keep you on course, but don’t be afraid to add your own personal touches to make this day memorable and very individual, just the way it is supposed to be.

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