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Surf Clothing For A Cool New Style

Catch a wave and you are sitting on top of the world. Take a trip to Margarita-Ville. Hang Ten. Get totally tubular. Cowabunga! No matter how you try to express it, the allure of the surfing world is hard to deny. But it can be more easily expressed through what you wear. Think surf clothing for a whole new attitude.

Surfing has grown from an obscure sport with a fanatical cult-like following, to a multi-million dollar industry in just a few short decades. Why is this? Because the culture itself is so much fun and exciting to be a part of! This unique culture also translates well into a fashion statement.

The first item to consider is the ever-popular board shorts. These shorts are very strong and durable, having been designed for vigorous activity. They tend to fit thinner hips the best, but new styles include larger men as well. They have longish legs, and usually close with Velcro and ties. They are most often plainly patterned, but with bright colors and highlighted stripes. Some are floral patterns or something similar. They are absolutely essential for the beach cruiser style.

As for shirts, the lowly tee shirt reigns supreme. These items may never rise to the level of couture, but they will always be popular with the surf set. This is for the obvious reason that they go on and off in a thrice, they are long lasting, inexpensive, and clean up well. Better still, they are wearable statements of whose gear you like to use, where you like to party, what you favorite bands are, and so forth. But even the plain white tee shirt has its everlasting place in the pantheon of fashion, and will never go out of style.

Footwear? What footwear? Formal lace up shoes will never be popular with the surfing set, and do not do well on sandy shores. What is necessary is a good pair of sandals. They will more likely be off than on while at the beach, but will be necessary when stopping in some stores for a quick cold drink. These often sport logos and can be an important status symbol, in spite of usually being left on the floorboards of the car. Socks, by the way, are always out.

If you simply must insist on getting gussied up, or if it is insisted for you, then put on a nice and easy, cool and breezy, Hawaiian style shirt. Here is where color and texture reign supreme, form the brightest and most garish horrors of eye searing glory, to beautiful and soft pastels in reversed fabric subtleties and shades. These are good for nights out on the town, or just for knocking around the patio for a cookout. They are quite comfortable and can be worn with panache by any aged individual.

For the beach bunnies and betties among us, nothing is more beautiful than the sheer lines of a bikini. Having said that, it is clear that this is a suit for certain body types, and boldness levels, and definitely not for all. Bathing suits for women, seemingly so small, come in more designs, styles, cuts, and purposes than perhaps any other type of clothing on the market today. There is an entire industry devoted to swim wear for women, and a quality shop would be the best place to uncover the mysteries of it all.

The coastal look will never go out of fashion for as long as there are waves and people who ride them. Surf clothing is a global fashion statement that can be worn just about anywhere. Dude! Don’t act all grommet; go down to the shore to score!

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