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Superb Gift Ideas For A Brand New Child

Despite all the hoopla about modern medical science helping one find out the gender of a baby before its birth, many parents still like to wait for the surprise. If you know of such soon-to-be parents, then the best gifts to buy for them are unisex baby clothes.

Pick up baby clothes in neutral colours like browns, yellows, reds, blues and greens. The traditional idea of blue being for boys and pink for girls still holds true if you go to baby stores. Sometimes you may find it difficult to find unisex clothes at such stores but then you can always go shopping online instead.

When it comes to prints and designs, you just need to keep a general idea in mind by picking up neutral designs with stripes, small checks, geometric shapes, cartoons and animal prints. You can also pick up clothes with sports motifs like tennis, chess, basketball etc. Of course, do not pick up something very gender-specific like a football print t-shirt! Alphabet prints are a super choice too for baby clothes.

You need not stick to baby clothes alone when planning to help out soon-to-be parents. You can gift them accessories like baby hats, socks, jumpers, slippers, and burp cloths.

If your friends have already bought a whole lot of clothes, you can gift them something cute like unisex jeans, sweaters and jackets.

Unisex baby clothes are often recommended as gifts, because parents who may be planning a second child later on can make substantial savings. Blankets, coats, bed clothes, etc. are quite expensive to buy once again or repeatedly. Some parents also like to keep pram covers and other items for sentimental reasons.

In the excitement of shopping for babies one tends to overspend. In other words, one is just not satisfied by buying only a few gifts. You should curb this tendency and limit your purchases within your affordable budget. You can check out seasonal sales and discounts being offered at online stores or your local newspaper for second-hand sales. Most people have baby stuff that is not too worn out. Once their children grow up, they like to sell these things at discounts. You can check out if someone is willing to do that in your neighbourhood.

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