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Sunglasses – Do you Need Polycarbonate-Treated Lenses?

When shopping for sunglasses, there are many factors that buyers should consider. Most consumers are concerned with the appearance and the fashion statement that the glasses will make. However, consumers should be aware that, other than style, there are many features that should be considered. The number one concern should be protecting one’s eyes for health and safety. Polycarbonate (PC) is being used to coat lenses because of the added safety it provides to the wearer.

Because of its durability and versatility, PC is a strong material that can be found in everything from police shields and airplane windows to cell phones and CDs. PC lenses were first introduced in 1970 in the aerospace industry. Research has found many advantages that PC-coated shades have over the plain plastic lenses. It wasn’t until 1980 that treated lenses were available to the general public for sunglasses. This thermoplastic material not only offers the highest protection against the harmful rays from the sun, but it is also thin, lightweight and extra comfortable.

When wearing sunglasses, it is vital to have lenses that properly protect your eyes from the sun. PC-coated sunglasses offer ultraviolet (UV) protection to guard against the sun’s UV rays. The protection from treated lenses is similar to how sun block guards the skin. Without coating, the sun’s high-energy rays can cause eye illnesses such as cataracts and pterygium. Age-related macular degeneration is another serious eye ailment PC coating can help one avoid.

Individuals who play sports or work outside are especially susceptible to the damaging effects the sun can have on their eyes. With treated shades, there is a much better chance that a person’s eyes will not be at risk from this source.

These sunglasses are also used as worker goggles and sports eyewear. The safety features are enhanced due to the coating’s impact resistance. Treated lenses are strongly recommended for sports goggles and safety eyewear because they will not easily shatter with forced impact. Researchers have learned that PC lenses are more flexible, so will bend when struck rather than shatter, thus protecting the wearers face and eyes.

Because of the increased flexibility and the UV protection, children’s sunglasses should be coated with polycarbonate to make them better able to withstand rough treatment during their physical activities. Wearing these kinds of shades allows them to play safely while also keeping their eyes protected.

The price of sunglasses with PC coating varies and depends on the style – extra costs for the treatment can range from $25 to $50. While treated lenses are shatter-resistant, they do scratch very easily. Most eye care professionals will apply a scratch-resistant coating on top of the PC coating, to make the lenses stronger and able to last longer.

Sunglasses not only make a fashion statement; they are essential for the health and safety of a person’s eyes. To ensure eyesight protection, shades should be treated with PC coating, whether playing sports, lying on the beach or just walking outside on a sunny day.

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