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Stylish Dual-Flame Lighters

Among the most popular lighters on the market are the dual-flame models. These torches provide several advantages over their peers. They are very reliable and can light in adverse conditions. They are excellent choices for cigars and pipes because of their even heating area. The powerful high-pressure jets ensure windproof performance. The lighter’s use of butane fuel ensures that users need not worry about creating a mess every time they replace the fuel.

Multi-jet torches have become increasingly popular. One must admit that this is, at least in part, because of style. It’s hard to miss one of these torches, even from across a room. The blue flames are really quite striking and the designs of these lighters are usually very aesthetically pleasing. Most often, multi-jet torches represent the more upscale options on the market. They are particularly popular with those who enjoy a good stogie or a pipe now and then for several reasons.

These devices are filled in the same fashion as are standard butane lighters. One purchases butane in a canister and simply attaches it to a valve on the base of the lighter which produces an airtight seal. The process requires much less concern about spills or other mishaps than does filling fluid-filled lighters. In fact, it would be harder to find a cleaner fuel than butane.

When lighting a cigar, the smoker first has to toast the foot of the cigar to ensure that it lights evenly. This is much easier when one has a wide surface area on which to warm the tobacco. The dual-flame lighters produce this even heat which ensures that one’s cigar lights properly and smokes smoothly every time. The butane fuel ensures that there is no chemical taste imparted to the tobacco when it is lit. There are additional advantages to the dual-flame models, as well. Many of these will be good news to those who enjoy having a cigar in the outdoors.

Twin-flame lighters are also very popular for outdoor applications. The high-pressure blue jets of flame are very wind-resistant and ensure proper lighting in the most adverse conditions. The two flames also produce a remarkable amount of heat which makes them well-suited for uses such as starting campfires and other outdoor activities. The durability of these lighters ensures that their users don’t have to worry about than failing when they are used in the outdoors.

Dave Sabot is the owner of specialty cigar lighters store. With expert knowledge of cigar accessories, including pipe lighters, Dave also owns an online humidors store.