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Stopping At Edinburgh Airport Parking

The Edinburgh Airport Parking facilities located in Edinburgh, Scotland is one of the most sophisticated and updated facilities in all of Europe. Designed to retain the beauty of the area by combining the old and the new features it offers many amenities with the traveler in mind. For a person arriving at the airport by car there are parking arrangements designed for all types of situations.

The history of the airport begins during World War One. At that time, it was necessary to truck in parts and assembly the airplanes there. Only a small grassy strip represented a runway. In 1915 the Royal Flying Corps took possession but gave up ownership in 1947 when a shuttle was begun between London and Edinburgh.

The BAA purchased the airport in 1971 and, in 1976 it was became the Edinburgh Airport. Many renovations have been, and are being made, on the airport. It provides both long term and short-term parking for the traveler. The long stay parking has a convenient shuttle to take the traveler to the main terminal, the short term is in walking distance.

While waiting for a flight the traveler has many different options to enjoy after traveling through security. One of the most popular is the OMH Therapies, which offer massage treatment. These massages last from 10 to 30 minutes and are excellent for anyone who has been under pressure and needs to relax. In addition to the hands on massage, there are inexpensive 3-minute massage chairs where one can just sit back and let the chair do the work.

For those who are hungry the airport offers a large assortment of restaurants and cafes. Whether just wanting a sandwich or a full meal there is something for everyone. Many of these establishments will provide a ‘on the go’ package which can be taken aboard the airplane for later consumption. The establishments, which are located by the runways, give an excellent opportunity to watch other aircraft land and take off.

In the terminal a ‘must see’ is the airport art gallery. Paintings and other artistic presentations are offered in a beautiful setting. When making a purchase, for either the home or a gift, it is possible to arrange for packing and shipping. This eliminates the problem of trying to handle something delicate in a crowded airplane.

Edinburgh Airport is conscientious concerning providing for handicapped individuals. Wheelchairs and attendants are available at all times to assist anyone needing their services. It is also possible to arrange for this service at the other end of the trip. Edinburgh Airport parking staff will be glad to help with this matter or any other handicapped matter at any time.

Many people worry that something will happen to their car when they leave it parked at an airport. That is not a problem at this airport. Edinburgh Airport parking securities forces are on full alert at all times and periodically parole all areas. This assures the traveler that their vehicle will be ready to go when they return.

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