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Stand Out From The Crowd On Your Hen Night

Hen nights are supposed to commemorate the bride to be’s freedom before she enters into matrimony. A hen night can be just one memorable night of the bride with her close friends and female family members or it can be a hen weekend. If the hen night is going to be a night long party and celebrations, it should be held well before the actual wedding takes place. Nobody, least of all the bride wants to attend her wedding with a hangover!

There are so many themes that can be picked for a hen night. And, it’s usually the maid of honour who has to arrange the hen night. T-shirts, sashes, bunny costumes are just some of the popular wear for a hen party. A hen party can be a night spent at home, a night on the town, at a holiday resort, a beach party; in fact the list is endless. It’s all up to what do the women want to do to make it a memorable night for the bride and all her friends.

One thing is for sure, the bride must dress differently from the hen party guests. She must stand out so that she is easily distinguishable as not one of the crowd. Therefore, whoever is in charge of the hen party must make sure that the bride stands out. The bride’s dress can be different or the colour of her sash can be different. She could also be dressed wearing a veil or a nice tiara on her head. The tiara can be something as simple as a crown of flowers.

One of the most popular ideas has been the costume of a fabulous bunny for you to have the ultimate fun on the hen night. This costume can easily be purchased from the market and is basically three piece suit. It comprises of glitzy funny bunny ears, one bunny bob tail and bow tie. Not only is it reasonable but also enhances your entire look that certainly brings you under the limelight.

In fact the hen party theme, dresses, venue or venues should be discussed and decided with her well before the event. This will give the organizer enough time to send out the invitations, make reservations, arrangements for the great event.

A mock wedding dress or a shocking dress for the bride to be would definitely distinguish her from the rest of the party members. The dress will also depend on the venue. The venue for a hen party must be casual and friendly and the party should have their privacy as well. You don’t want uninvited intruders gate crashing the party.

One may easily find some wonderfully designed sashes and cross over sashes that are produced in various materials. They are glittery, even furry and silky and have printed names or cheeky phrases. These look highly attractive and put the individual under the spot light, making her look different amongst the crowd.

You can also take inspiration from a favourite movie like Run Away Bride or any favourite TV show. While planning the party you have to bear in mind, that it is something that everyone will enjoy wearing and have a great time.

You can learn variety of hen night sashes to try on different parties to make it remarkable.

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