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Sports Massage, Injury and Rehabilitation clinic, Burnham (Burnahm, Slough)

Sports Therapy Hands On- Injury and rehabilitation clinic burnham. On completion of my degree in Sports Therapy Bsc I worked with several teams. Following this i was employed in a ski resort in Canada for a year doing massage and helping ski injuries. Since 2008 I have been working with both Slough Rugby team and a local football team. This year i have also got involved with Langley College as the rugby teams sports therapist treating any injuries that come up and helping preventing injuries were possible. I play lots of sport myself so know how important it is to be fully fit and how aches and pains can be very frustrating. I believe your body should come first and haveing no pain allows you to focus on the rest of your day-to-day tasks with more energy.There is 10 off all massage in june for prices go to the web sight.