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Something to Smile about in this New Year!

Who doesn’t want a whiter smile? Thanks to the appearance of new professional teeth whitening kits from Shine, easily affordable whitening solutions for almost any patient you serve are now available. Among all the New Year’s resolutions you may have in mind for 2010, how about adding a whiter, brighter smile? It’s an easy resolution to keep.

Most everyone is familiar with all the different whitening products on the market. The truth is that most over-the-counter products are only somewhat effective. The popular “whitening strips” contain only a mild level of bleaching agent, and can cause problems such as uneven whitening or hardening that makes them difficult to remove. Many whitening strips also leave behind an unpleasant gritty residue.

These products only deliver marginal whitening results and are only effective for improving the appearance of light surface stains. But for the majority of clients plagued with greying or dinginess due to our habits or the beverages we consume, a professional strength whitening product such as the options from Shine can provide beautiful, long-lasting results.

Although teeth appear to be solid, they have grooves that allow coffee, cigarettes and tea to stain the enamel. Regular brushing isn’t enough to combat these embedded stains. Professional teeth bleaching kits – particularly those comprised of high quality custom-fit trays used in conjunction with professional-strength carbamide peroxide gel, can seep into these nooks and crannies, lifting away dinginess and stains after a period of 7-10 treatments. Periodic use of professional whitening products is the optimal strategy for keeping your smile bright and white.

If your New Year’s plan includes whiter teeth, now is the time to investigate Shine’s professional bleaching products and professionally made whitening kits. Shine’s low wholesale pricing and volume discounts make professional level bleaching more cost effective than ever before. At a retail price of $99, your clients can save $200-300 over an equivalent kit from their dentist, while providing a lucrative source of additional profit for you. And that is something to smile about!

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