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Some Helpful Tips On Applying Makeup

All of us have watched the Cover Girl commercials with those girls who seem to have permanent eyelash extensions, but how does a person get that very same, perfect look from their own home? Makeup application isn’t the simplest process in the world, but once you’ve learned it, it’s hard to forget how it’s done. The following are five steps to getting a bright, perfect face:

1. Rinse Off Prior To Starting When approaching the makeup application process, the first thing you need to do is start with a clean face. By cleansing your face (and exfoliating when the need arises), you will have the picture-perfect starting point for applying your makeup. As soon as you’re done washing, you can get started.

2. Start with your Eyes A common mistake that many women make is starting by applying foundation. You should instead start with your eye makeup. Starting with foundation is the wrong way to go, especially if you are using eye shadow with some sparkle or glitter.

Think about this: some of the dust and sparkles from your eyeshadow are going to end up on your cheeks. By starting at your eyes first you can easily cover up any errant specs and sparkles when you go to apply your foundation to your face. That’s just one of the secrets to a flawless face. But…

Step 3: It’s not just your face that matters! Has it ever occurred to you to apply makeup to your chest and neck, as well as your face? When you apply foundation to only your face you may end up leaving a noticeable line between where the makeup ends and your skin begins!

Be sure to spread the makeup all across the face and up to the hairline, down to the neck and over the chest region. In doing so, you will be able to evade the two-toned look of an amateur, which is definitely not a flattering look on anybody.

#4. The Old Saying Goes, “Less Is More” It’s a well-known fact that men are akin to ladies who keep a natural look, especially in regards to makeup. The makeup you wear needs to bolster your natural glow, without totally changing it. Do not use a lot of makeup to create the fresh look, as the last thing you would want is to look like you have your makeup caked on.

5. Get comfortable with your blush Just a little blush can strike the right look for you. Don’t overdo this step, either. If you are short on time, applying a little blush to roundest part of your cheeks can really wake up your whole face. Blush with pink tones is great for giving a fresh look to your makeup and brightening up your entire face.

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