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Slimming Undergarments To Consider

In addition to the body slimming undergarments you see these days, undergarments that make you appear slimmer have been around for hundreds of years where mostly women have always wanted to appear slender. Women in the 1700s and 1800s used constricting corsets that squeezed their midriff in painfully in their eternal quest for a waist of 18 inches, even when their own waist was actually closer to 30 inches.

The girdles that your mother or grandmother probably told you about from the 1950s and 1960s were far less torturous, but were still extremely uncomfortable to wear for most women during that time. For some reason, women throughout the ages have suffered through painful undergarments in an attempt to conform to society’s ideal image of beauty.

Women today may still want to be slim and attractive, but they now embrace a more natural kind of beauty which doesn’t rely on pain to be achieved. Now slimming undergarments are designed to provide shape enhancement while still remaining comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Following is a look at the slimming undergarments of today.

Body suits – All the so-called problem areas which include the thighs, midriff, rear end, and stomach appear slimmer and more toned in a body suit. For a smooth figure under close fitting sweaters, pants, tight shirts, and snug dresses, they have no visible seams and reduce the lumps and bumps of any extra weight.

Long legged panties -The tummy and thighs are made to look slimmer and the derriere is lifted in a flattering manner when your undergarments include long legged panties. For a slimmer look in the thigh area and no visible panty-lines, these garments are especially effective when worn with leggings, pants, and pencil skirts.

Camisoles – These garments function similarly to slips, help contain excess bulges in the midsection and optimize the appearance of the chest area. These garments are available with vibrant lace detail that can form an attractive accent when worn under a sweater or jacket. These are meant to be paired with tops, particularly tighter ones intended to display a lean figure.

High Waisted Underwear – These types of briefs are a type of slenderizing garment meant to provide a flatter midsection without creating the dreaded muffin top (bulge that spills over the top of pants). Commonly paired with a camisole, this type of garment works perfectly with shorts and pants alike.

The era of enduring physical suffering in exchange for an improved appearance is long over. The evolution of beautiful and very functional slenderizing garments allows women to combine fashion and comfort simultaneously.

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