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Skin Age Spot : How To Cure It Effectively

Skin age spot, which are side effects or signs of aging, occurs in the outer later of the skin called epidermis due to the uncontrolled increase of melanin. Even though they are not painful, they may end up in discoloring your skin. Your complexion would be marred by these spots which range from black to light brown in color. Age spots are erroneously called liver sports even though they have no relation with liver or its functions.

Skin discoloration arises due to increased pigmentation which in turn is stimulated by exposure to sunlight, aging, intake of antibiotics like tetracycline, hereditary factors, foods containing chemical psoralens etc. Such types of foods and medicines enhance the chances of skin age spot by increasing skin sensitivity to the sun.

Age spots normally appear after the age of forty and are found commonly in the areas where exposure to sun is the strongest. If you are above forty and have been exposed to sun for longer durations of time, it is advisable to contact a doctor in case of any noticeable changes in your skin lesions. The doctor will perform a biopsy, if he suspects a spot to be cancerous.

Age spots are harmless and as such, they need not require any treatment. But beauty conscious women may consider them to be a very difficult situation and may suffer from low self esteem and emotional problems. The skincare industry has brought forth many anti-aging skin care products to solve this problem. They include skin care creams, lotions etc which contain vitamin C, vitamin E, glycolic acids and micro collagen. Cryotherapy or freezing is another option which involves spraying liquid nitrogen on the skin. The skin marked with age spots peel away after two or three weeks and new skin comes from beneath. The side effect of this treatment is that they may cause pinkness and scarring. Another popular treatment is laser therapy which is expensive, but with negligible side effects.

There are many ways to take proper care of the skin thereby preventing skin age spot. Wearing protective clothing, sunglasses etc, avoiding sun exposure, applying a sunscreen all around the year etc are some of the in-house preventive measure that you can take. Apart from this, due importance should be given for balanced diet and intake of sufficient quantities of water.

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