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Six Rules for Giving Presents to New Mothers

Buying gifts for new mothers is very difficult as most people don’t know what the new mother needs – unless you have been a new mother yourself. Buying gifts for mom is hard and buying gifts for a new mother is doubly difficult. Remember, the new mom will probably receive many gifts from many people therefore extra though needs to be given prior to purchasing a gift.

You need to ensure that the gift you give stands out from all the others. It’s important to put yourself in the new mother’s shoes and then start thinking from there. Here are six points – or rules that, if followed, will do just that.

Rule number 1: The gift you give the new mother has to be useful to her. There is no point in giving her a gift that is very expensive but does not make her life easier – remember, she is a new mother so a diamond ring will not fit the occasion.

Rule number 2: The gift will multiply in sentimental value if it’s for the baby. Gifts for mom will certainly be liked but a gift for the baby will be adored.

Rule number 3: If you have purchased a cute little gift for the baby then it would be a good idea if you could also add a special gift for mom as well – just so that she knows you have though of her and her baby both.

Rule number 4: Women do love jewelry and it’s not a bad idea to tie in the mother’s jewelry with the new born. An example could be a locket with the baby’s picture inside.

Rule number 5: A mother’s gift does not necessarily have to be expensive – it could simply be something that would congratulate her into motherhood. The new mother is already delighted to be a mom and all you can do is to cheer her for that.

Rule number 6: Each gift sends a different non-verbal message to the receiver. Use your imagination, ask around and make it special and personal – customize the gift to the receiver as much as possible.

As already mentioned, a gift sends a message to the receiver and sometimes a gift could be so metaphorical that only the receiver and giver would know what that message is. Remember, good gifts for mom (and her child) are not one that makes her go WOW when received – in fact its one that makes her go WOW every day.

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