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Sisterlocks Maryland

Natural hair, Maryland and almost every other State in the country has the African American women going to their nearest hair stylist for sisterlocks. Some women see the sisterlocks as a fad or just another hair style while others see them as a cultural statement, a hair, body and spirit experience. They see it as a right-of-passage with freedom and naturalness. It gives the wearer a certain awareness that grows with the wearer as the sisterlocks grow.

The loose flowing curls of sisterlocks bring out a look of casual elegance since they can be worn loose or in an up-do. Sisterlocks are made up of about 300 to 500 strands of the wearer’s own hair that is parted and woven into tiny patterns using a tool that resembles a crochet hook.

Just when you think your sisterlocks cannot be more fabulous they are. Be very easy with your hair coloring as the locks are very fragile. You should make sure that your colorist has experience with sisterlocks and choose a color that will not strip your hair. A lot of finger combing will shape it up. As sisterlocks grow the more versatile they become. With sisterlocks you can see that a style does not have to be complicated to be beautiful. A shoulder length sisterlocks style has a freestyle flow and can be worn to any event in style and elegance.

Shoulder length sisterlocks have a freestyle flow that can be worn to any event whether casual or elegant. You can wear your sisterlocks simply or in casual elegance. Adding volume to your sisterlocks or reshaping them around the face will give you an elegant evening look. Your sisterlocks can make you look breath taking and you will feel an exhilaration of freedom and naturalness.

Schedule retightening sessions with your hair styling professional. It takes hours to tighten the locks and appointment should be scheduled early. If you retighten the sisterlocks regularly you will have no need to have them redone. Your hair style professional will schedule our next appointment.

Schedule regular appointments with your hair stylist for retightening the sisterlocks as they need retightening in order to keep you from having to have them redone. Your stylist will schedule your next appointment so be sure it is at a date and time when you will have the time to have the retightening done.

For a complete hair, body, mind and spirit experience as well as feeling free and natural receive your right-of-passage with sisterlocks. Gain that certain awareness that come with watching and feeling your sisterlocks grow.

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