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Simple Tips to Maximize Your Bodybuilding

Even if you are not a serious bodybuilder, you might want to get ripped. Many of us admire the look of six pack abs and hard pecs. There is a lot more to getting ripped than just lifting weights, however. A number of diet and lifestyle changes can help your body build muscle and help you achieve the look that you are after. Fortunately, many of these changes are small and easy to make.

One dietary change that will help you build muscle is how you eat. Most of us have grown up believing in the traditional 3 meals a day. However, research suggests that to successfully burn fat and build more muscle 5 to 6 smaller meals spaced throughout the day may be more effective. Eating smaller meals prevents your body from having to use all its resources to digest a heavy meal. It also helps you maintain a consistent blood sugar rather than the peaks and valleys that occur with bigger meals. Finally, it ensures that your body has the nutrients it needs available in level amounts throughout the day.

Everyone knows that eating more protein is necessary to really build lean muscle. There are a variety of protein drinks and shakes available on the market. While adding more protein is certainly a benefit to building muscle, it is not usually necessary to use protein shakes and powders. You can easily get the protein you need by eating lean meat such as chicken or fish at each of your 5 to 6 meals. It’s important to use lean sources of protein such as chicken, fish or soy. Other sources of protein also have more cholesterol and fat and can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, so make sure that you stick to lean protein.

Another helpful tip for building more muscle is to use a mineral supplement. Research has shown that magnesium and zinc both assist in quicker muscle recovery after a workout. Taking a supplement of magnesium and zinc will help you recover from weight lifting faster and allow you to get more benefit from your workout. Additionally, magnesium is necessary for building strong bones. Weightlifting also assists in building stronger bones because strong bones provide a foundation for muscle to build upon. Taking a liquid mineral supplement of magnesium and zinc will make the minerals most readily available for use by your muscles.

Bodybuilding is hard work that requires frequent, high-intensity exercise. This level of exercise causes you to lose electrolytes, minerals and water. It is important to replace both the water and the electrolytes to maintain the proper balance of the fluids in your body. This balance is what we call hydration. Regular sports drinks contain some electrolytes but they are also full of sugar and carbohydrates that add extra calories, not to mention the artificial colors and flavorings. Maintaining good hydration will make it easier for your muscles to get the nutrients they need and expel waste products.

Building muscle is hard work. Whether you’re a dedicated bodybuilder or just trying to benefit from some extra toning, there are things you can do to support your efforts that will improve your muscle gain. Things like eating more often, eating more protein and keeping properly hydrated will help you body build muscle. Liquid mineral supplements containing zinc and magnesium can also improve your ability to build muscle by assisting in recovery from exercise and strengthening the bones that form the foundation for your muscles.

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