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Silver Rings

Wearing a silver ring or a silver band on our fingers 365 days a year, we sometimes forget the importance that small piece of jewelry holds in our life. Silver rings are not just loved but respected all around the world. In fact, silver rings hold a special significance in almost all the cultures and traditions of the world. In some cultures, silver rings stand for long-lasting prosperity, while in other cultures, they denote eternity. Even Pagan beliefs and rituals hold silver rings sacred. Silver has held a special place in our lives ever since man started mining this metal in around 4,000 B.C.

Silver rings come in a variety of designs. While some are narrow bands, others broad in width. Some silver rings are studded with precious stones such as emeralds and rubies. These diamond rings are quite expensive. The cheaper ones have stones such as zircon and rhinestones on them.

But not all silver rings come studded with precious or semi-precious stones. In case you want a simple silver ring, then you can perhaps have a look at silver rings with intricate carvings or etchings on them. The carvings and etchings on silver rings can be very fine in nature. Some silver rings have filigree work done on them.

While silver rings were manufactured in almost all countries of the world, the quantity of silver differed from one place to another. Some jewelers would try to pass of with no or little silver content in them as a real silver ring.

Therefore, it was decided to standardize the quality of silver that was used to make jewelry. As a result of this, all the standardized silver rings today bear the number 925, which denotes that 92.5% of the metal in the ring is silver. The rest is filled using metals such as copper, zinc, or nickel.

Silver rings are used at almost all the special occasions in life. They are used as wedding bands, gifted on birth of a child or his or her first communion. Often, silver wedding rings and bands are passed on from one generation to another as family heirloom.

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