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Should I Seek Independent Financial Advice?

Not everyone enjoys dealing with finances. Even the best and brightest refuse to balance their checkbooks and bounce checks simply for lack of interest in the subject. But even sticklers who have their checkbooks balanced to the penny every day frequently find the need to get some independent financial advice. But where?

Depending on the type of financial advice you need will depend on the type of company or person you go to. If you need advice about stocks or mutual funds, you’re always taking a chance by dealing with a specific company. Stock brokers / financial advisers are limited to selling you products their firm sells, and of course they will always promise that whatever they recommend is the best solution for you.

To be a certified financial advisor you need to be licensed in most states. If anyone represents himself as a “financial advisor” or “financial planner” ask if he is licensed to do business. If not, it’s someone who probably works for an insurance company that sells insurance and investments. And of course, he’ll be happy to advise you to buy whatever he sells.

Most states require these people to be licensed and hold specific credentials. If you speak to anyone who says he is a financial advisor, ask what his credentials are, and find out if he’s licensed by the state. Many insurance agents call themselves financial advisors and they are only qualified to sell the products their company offers, not qualified to provide overall advice on your specific financial needs or concerns.

If you are looking for perhaps some advice for planning for the future, most large financial groups will do a complete financial review for you, but these can cost thousands of dollars and sometimes the resulting information is meaningless since their entire goal is not really to help you with your finances, but to sell you products that will help “manage” your finances.

If you need help with getting out of debt, paying bills, finding students loans, or if you have questions about mortgages, start with a CPA – Certified Professional Accountant. They don’t sell products. They will probably charge you for an of time, but they have experience in all areas of finances and can at least steer you in the right direction.

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