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Famous People That Are Short

Even though the people listed in this article were short in height, they still achieved great successes and fame. Below we have listed some of the most famous short people known to man. Their fame was gained through great achievements and a willingness to change the world.

The shortest person in the world is Khagendra Thapa Magar from Baglung who is 20 inches tall. Khagendra Thapa gets constant attention from the world for being the shortest man alive. Certain short people have gone on to become famous and powerful people of the world through things such as their courage, talent and innovation. Although they were not as short as Khagendra, they can be referred to as short if the average height of the people on this planet is taken into consideration.

What would be classed as short?

Before we move on to the famous short people in history, let’s try to understand what we mean by short. It’s hard to believe but there is large disagreement about how tall you have to be to not be classed as short. Someones height will vary depending on where you are from in the world and your ethnicity. There are no rules outlining who is short and who isn’t, therefore the term shortness is very ambiguous.

A pygmy from the Congo Basin may appear to be short for the whole world, but when a person 6 ft tall sees someone 5 ft tall, he is bound to refer to the later as a short person. The term short is usually used to describe a persons height when a person is considering someones height when it is less than theirs. In general anyone less than 4ft 9″ suffers from a medical condition involving other disproportionate features.

Short Famous Celebs:

The average height of a male living in the UK is 5ft 7″.The celebrities listed are those that are under this marker. What follows is a list of famous people that haven’t been remembered for how tall they were but were remembered for how much they acheived in their lifetimes. Todays top showbiz celebrities have not been included as they wear height increasing shoes making it very hard to judge there actual height as it still looks very natural. The height shoes they wear invisibly increase the celebrities height. The celebrities that have been known to wear these shoes are Simon Cowell and Brad Pitt among many others.

Iconic figures:

Charlie Chaplin

There would be hardly any person in this world who is not familiar with the name Charlie Chaplin, but at the same time not many people knew he was just 5 ft 5 inches in height. Charlie was a director, actor and comedian highly popular in the english film scene in the early 1900s. His sense of humor and slapstick comedy made him a cult figure, who is revered by millions of people around the world even today.

Mahatma Gandhi,

Possibly the most inspirational figure to come out of India. He played a vital role in gaining India independence from the British rule spanning over a century. Ghandi did so through peaceful protesting and practiced no violence in his demonstrations. He achieved all these great feats and was considered a very powerful figure within society despite being just 5ft 3″ tall.

Voltaire Franois-Marie Arouet,

A French writer and philosopher, also known as Voltaire. He was an ardent advocate of civil liberties, and most of his literary works had a hint of the same. Despite the laws against social reforms, Voltaire was an avid supporter of them and inspired thought trails of those involved in the French and American revolution.

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan was the founder emperor of one of the largest empire in the history – the Mongol empire. Genghis was a powerful leader and ruthless warrior in battle and was only 5ft 1″ tall. The Mongolian empire grew throughout mainland China and further parts of Asia whilst he was in power. Genghis also aligned forces with various tribes so that the empire could grow in strength and gain more allies.

Pablo Picasso

Although the 5ft 4″ artist from Spain died in 1973, his name and his art are still considered to be some of the biggest pieces in the art community. This Spanish painter and sculptor has some of the best works of the 20th century to his credit. He could paint, create sculptures and design architecture for extravagant buildings. With all his creative talent and unique skillset he is considered to be one of the worlds most famous short people.

Diego Maradona

Maradona from argentina was a top quality footballer whos skills on the pitch were a great hazzard to the opposing team. The 5 ft 5 inches tall footballer ruled the hearts of the people the world over with his immense passion for the game. His popularity reached all time high for the in-famous ‘Hand of God Goal’, which he scored by putting the ball into nets using his hand.

The people listed above were all short people in history who achieved greatness without their height ever being an issue. They proved that being short is not at all a disadvantage, and if you want you can achieve anything in this world on the basis of your sheer determination and will power.

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