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Shopping For Designer Dog Dresses? — Only Buy From Retailers Who Accept Returns

The worst scenario in online shopping is not being able to return unwanted items, particularly if they were an expensive purchase in the first place. For instance, buying expensive designer dog dresses and then not being able to return them, could put dog lovers off shopping online forever.

Fortunately, in this country, retailers are required by law to accept goods returned because of wrong delivery (they sent the wrong ones) or because they are deficient in some say (not of merchantable quality). However, buyers should be aware that they are still required to conform to the suppliers’ terms and conditions for the return of goods, or they could face refusal of acceptance.

The fact is on today’s Internet, suppliers’ Return Policies vary enormously from company to company. And for buyers to stay ahead of the game, they have to know who is offering what. Some suppliers give generous safeguards to buyers. Others do not.

Here is a flavour of the kind of offerings being made at the moment:

All sales are final. We do not accept the return of goods other than those delivered incorrectly or defective, both of which require to be notified to us within 7 days. Although we endeavour to replace the item with an identical product, this can never be guaranteed. Where appropriate, we may offer customers a credit on their account for future purchases. We do not give refunds of cash.

We may, at our discretion, accept the return of goods other than those wrongly delivered or which are defective, if customers return goods within 7 days/14 days/30 days of the date of purchase. We may (or may not) offer exchanges/store credit/cash refunds.

I’m afraid when it comes to the subject of returning unwanted goods purchased online, every supplier seems to be different.

It’s highly recommended that buyers shopping on the Net read the site’s Returns Policy very carefully right at the beginning. Or it can cost them dearly later on when they receive their ordered goods, find they no longer want them but can’t return them..

It always makes sense to find out whose guarantee and returns policies appear to be the most generous.

It’s not really too hard to identify such a generous retailer. Take a look at FashionMutt. They offer a 45 Day Cash-Refund on high-end dog clothes and luxury formal dog wear.