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Shoe Stores Portland – What to Look for in the Very Best

Although most people think of shoe shopping as a fairly feminine pursuit, an increasing number of men understand that even the most perfect of outfits can be ruined by the wrong choice of shoes. These same men also know that quality shoes are getting harder to find in an age of mass production. When it comes to fine shoe stores Portland does have a few, if you know where to start looking.

People – men and women – do notice the shoes a guy wears every bit as much as the rest of his outfit. If they are worn, ill-fitting or simply tacky looking it matters little how much the rest of his outfit cost or how well tailored it is, the bad impression is already created.

Shoes crafted from the hides of animals a little more exotic than the cow can really make a stunning style statement. The finest of such shoes, including those from Italian men’s shoe manufacturer Zelli, are usually handmade and commissioned on an individual basis for each customer, ensuring not only a perfect look but a wonderful fit as well. One may think that such shoes can only be found in a fashion “mecca” such as NY or LA but that is not true. When seeking fine shoe stores Portland can boast one of the best – Estes Men’s Clothing, located in the Pearl District and exclusive area retailer of Zelli custom men’s shoes.

For those men who prefer a more traditional and classic shoe look Allen Edmonds shoes are the perfect high end choice. The Wisconsin company has been around for decades, providing shoes for eight American Presidents and countless other highly successful men. Their reputation for style and quality is unmatched but the only shoe store in Portland that carries the full line is again, Estes Men’s Clothing, where they are expertly fitted by a highly trained staff. Another option with a limited selection is Nordstrom’s, a national chain retail department store.

Prefer to shop at one of those “designer warehouse” stores? When it comes to shoe stores Portland has those too. But all too often what looked like a great pair of shoes on the crowded shelves turns out to be not such a great buy after all. Inferior stitching breaks, lower quality uppers scuff easily and you are left with a useless pair of shoes fit only for a spot of gardening. Taking the time to shop for the best makes sense both in terms of fashion and finance.

If you’re looking for only the best men’s shoe stores Portland, Oregon provides, then visit, grab a free gift certificate, and get well-dressed.