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Shaving Sets For Men – Dispose Of Disposables And Unplug Your Electric, The Dovo Straight Razor Is Coming Back

In the debate over what to shave with, the debate is typically between electric razors and popular safety razors with replaceable blades. There is a third alternative though, which rarely gets the respect it deserves: the dovo straight razor.

When it comes to closeness, nothing beats a straight razor. Commercial safety razors hold the blade at a fixed angle, making it nearly impossible to get the blade right up to the skin. It may prevent young children from accidentally hurting themselves, but it also prevents men from getting a close clean shave. Electric razors can’t hold a candle to a straight razor when it comes to getting a clean shave.

A straight razor is just as comfortable as any safety razor. Extra blades and indicator strips with built in lotions may sound nice, but it’s all just a marketing gimmick. Don’t pay attention to the commercials, let your face decide which feels more comfortable. It’s well known by men everywhere that electric razors are lack luster in the comfort department, so once again, the straight razors have the edge.

Nothing helps sculpt a beard like a straight razor. Anyone who’s used an electric razor knows how difficult it is to shave around the jaw. The angle on safety razors, along with the presence of multiple blades, makes it nearly impossible to properly sculpt some of the more complicated facial hair formations. Whether it’s a goatee, a soul patch, a chinstrap, or the elusive mutton-stache, a straight razor will help give you clean lines every time.

Straight razors top electrics and safety razors when it comes to cost, too. Electric razors are expensive to buy and need to have their blades replaced on occasion. Add in the cost of batteries or electricity for recharging and you’ve got an expensive gadget that never performs as well as expected.

Safety razors are cheaper than straight razors at first, but there’s a catch. Replacement blades are expensive, so much so that many companies will give away the handles for free, knowing that men will more than make up for the cost of the handle in replacement blades. Don’t let them keep charging you for replacement blades. A straight razor never needs replacements.

The only category where a straight razor comes up short of its more modern counterparts is ease of use. The first couple of times, a straight razor can be hard to use. It also takes longer per shave than a safety razor or an electric. Most men who try one agree, though, a straight razor shave is worth the extra time. There’s a reason barbers don’t use electric razors or safety razors. Maybe it’s time you discovered it for yourself.

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