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Sexy French Thongs From Lola Luna – Stylish & Affordable

For over 20 years, Lola Luna of France have been captivating a worldwide audience with their fabulous collection of Lingerie.

The quality, care and attention to detail of each garment is top notch. Fine Calais lace, embroidery and exotic jewels make each string unique. The Lola Luna thong is made in limited numbers, so the collection is always fresh and able to follow current fashion trends. Recently Pearls have been incorporated into several of the designs with matching pearl necklaces/bracelets. The designs are sometimes closed, sometimes open, making them very sexy indeed!

Choose from four sizes, suitable from a UK size 8 through to a size 18. No matter what your frame size, Lola Luna have a very sexy thong for you. Recently, the trend has been to add jewellery suspended form the centre of an open design. A sure winner for the honeymoon suite!

A constantly changing line means you will never be bored with your lingerie again as customers come back to add to their Lola Luna Lingerie time and time again. The best place to view the collection is most certainly online, as specialist approved retailers can maintain a vast range and selection of sizes. something that your local boutique will probably not be able to match, due to cost and shelf space.

Make sure you source your Lola Luna G-Strings and Thongs from a reputable dealer, preferably online as these retailers have been approved to distribute the product. Carefull washing and handling will ensure your Lola Luna lingerie will provide many years of enjoyment.

Nowadays, Lola Luna can be seen at the beach as well as in the bedroom, for they also create sexy bikinis which follow the same theme as the Thongs, which use jewel accents to enhance the look.

As the years have rolled by, Lola Luna have moved away from being a niche product and are now in the mainstream lingerie department. The ever increasing popularity of this product means you will find it not just in France, but across Europe and into America.

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