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Several Benefits Of Mineral Makeup

The typical ingredients used in making these products are all inorganic compounds. Zinc oxide prevents the skin from coming into direct contact with the harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer. Magnesium will act as a light reflector preventing excessive light from striking the skin surface, which is also better for the skin. UVA and UVB sun protectors also perform a major role in sun-ray shielding.

Many beauty products block the pores in your skin causing issues. Just like the rest of your body’s organs, proper functioning of the skin is crucial to your health. One of the benefits of mineral makeup is that it will not block or interfere with your skin’s pores thus keeping your skin looking and feeling better.

What causes expiration of beauty products or any other product? Bacteria. A bacterium needs some favorable environment to grow and flourish, but this is not the case in mineral makeup as these are made of inorganic compounds. This aspect makes it have a long shelf life and safe from bacteria invasion. Unnecessary contamination should therefore be avoided by using clean brushes.

One of the benefits of mineral makeup is that no only is it light in terms of weight on the skin, but also leaves the skin with a radiant glow. Other products feel ‘heavy’ on the skin after applying, but most mineral makeup users say you don’t even feel or look like you have any makeup on you.

Oil is not a skin friendly ingredient in cosmetics as it blocks up the pores of the skin. This can leave the skin with not only a greasy look, but pimples as well. Mineral makeup itself should contain no added oils. Most decent brands don’t have oil, but check to make sure yours doesn’t as this is not only unnecessary, but defeats the purpose of mineral-based cosmetics and takes away some of the benefits of mineral makeup.

For anyone who has experienced makeup disasters such as creased, streaky makeup during a hot or rainy day, you’ll be glad to learn that pure mineral makeup is water resistant. That means it will stay on longer without the typical caking up that other types of makeup end up after a long day.

Waking up late doesn’t need to mean going barefaced until you get to the office. Applying mineral makeup is super simple and fast and you can be out the door. This is time saving for those who are on the fast lane in the mornings. No makeup management is necessary throughout the day as it lasts longer than traditional makeup.

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