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Selling Old Gold? Use A Professional Such As Top Dollar 4 Gold

It is likely that you have seen many advertisements lately for unwanted gold. Many companies, such as Top Dollar 4 Gold are asking you to send in old jewelry in exchange for big bucks. So just what is the big deal with gold at the moment and why is the value of gold so high?

Well, it is very expensive to mine gold and the concentration of gold under the surface of the planet is much less than you may think. Because the cost to mine is so high, it is less costly to pay people to send their unwanted gold to these companies. This way the gold can be refined, shipped or used in any way it needs to without having to pay through the nose for mining.

Now you are enlightened as to why the companies are keen to get their hands on your gold, this is the best time to get a small fortune for your unwanted gold items. Professional and established companies such as Top Dollar 4 Gold will take anything off your hands, whether it is whole or broken or a strange, gangly shape. Just think, that old broken necklace or unwanted ring lying in the bottom of your drawer may just be worth a small fortune!

After contacting the company to let them know you have gold to sell, you can send it to them by courier or reliable shipping provider. Once they have got your items, they will be given a reference number and photographed. The items will then be tested to see how valuable they are. The organization will then send you a check through the mail for the value of your unwanted gold.

If you prefer, you can go into one the company’s stores which are located in California and Florida. The friendly, expert staff will then be able to test your gold items there and then. You can then get cash in your hand for the value of your unwanted items straightaway!

With the price of gold at its highest for many years, now is the time to take that old gold out of the drawer. Go into one of the stores or send it directly to Top Dollar 4 Gold who will swap it for a very high price.

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