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Selecting Your Party Appetizers

You want to throw a party and now it is time to plan the food. What do you serve? How will you get everything prepared? You want your guests to be satisfied with their snacking choices. You decide that appetizers will be the way to go.

What kind of starters should you choose? Let us take a look at the kind of party you are planning. Will it be for your department at work or a friendly get together in front of the TV? The formality level of your party will make a big difference in whether you serve chips and dip or rumaki. Once you have pegged the kind of party you are hosting, your menu will be easier to fill.

Make some of your appetizers ahead of time if you can. There are many types that let you do so without compromising the quality of your food. Hot dishes can be reheated just before the party. Make sure you have enough space to store your hors d’oeuvres until the party. You may need to clean out part of your refrigerator or freezer.

Make sure you choose hors d’oeuvres that complement each other in flavor, texture, and temperature. Contrasts are good. If all of your offerings are similar in these three categories, your guests will get bored with your food. Remember to make some vegetarian options for guests who may be abstaining from meat. Offer a variety between spicy and mild as well as soft creamy dishes and crispy dishes.

Consider how many people you are inviting. If your gathering will be less than ten people, make three or four types of appetizers. For larger parties ranging from ten to 45 guests, prepare between six and seven types. For big parties of more than 45 guests, plan to make at least eight different dishes to keep your guests fed. Always remember that it is better to have leftovers than to run out of food at a party.

If you are hosting a cocktail party, plan on at least twelve hors d’oeuvres per guests. If you make hot appetizers, they will get eaten faster, so plan accordingly. Hot starters will fill up your guests better than cold ones will. Providing both kinds will keep food on the table and your guests can choose what they want.

It is simple to find many appetizer recipes online. You can easily fill out your menu in a few moments of browsing the many recipe sites that exist. Do all of your shopping at least two days before the party. This gives you time to prepare some ahead of time. It also gives you plenty of time to thaw ingredients if need be.

Let your imagination run free. While it is good to offer some traditional choices, do not be afraid to offer something exotic, too. Chicken satay or a seafood dish may put your party on the map with your guests. A couple of these kinds of dishes will impress your guests and keep them enjoying the food all evening. These kinds of dishes will make your party memorable for a long time.

Making straightforward Superbowl party recipes means that you can prepare all your snacks well in advance and relax with your guests when the game starts. There are lots of Superbowl recipes to choose from and meat snacks, like chicken wings, ribs and hot dogs, are always incredibly popular. You will find hundreds of quick straightforward appetizers at our site to give you some more ideas.